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Ramblings: Tales from Nomads

Over the years we’ve met a lot of awesome fellow nomads combining career and travel – so we started interviewing them so you can meet them too.

Ramblings: Tales from Nomads is intended to introduce you to some amazing people who all have one thing in common – they’re not waiting for a traditional retirement to pursue their dreams of perpetual travel.

First.. here’s some compilations of several nomads all talking about one subject (filmed during the 2010 NuRVers TX Meetup) – their mobile income sources:

Rambling Episode (click to view)

Current Status

as of Feb 2019

RV Love

February 11, 2019 – Meet Marc & Julie Bennet. They hit the road in May 2014, and we interviewed them in February 2015. Four years later, we do an update.

On the Road, Published a book

Logic Girllogic girl cheng liu ramblings

April 15, 2015 – Meet Cheng Liu, a solo female RVer working as a remote programmer. She hit the road in 2013, and gives a 1 year update.

On the Road

The Long Family at NURVThe Long Family

March 1, 2015 – Meet Chris & Becky – they hit the road in 2008 with their daughter Nora as traveling artists. They give a 5 year update in this interview.

On the Road


Jan 26, 2015 – Meet Nancy & Besty, who left behind their professional careers in the zoo and wildlife field to explore life on the road. They integrate in a lot of camp hosting and volunteer work.

On the Road, Got a new RV

liv2rv ramblingsLiv2RV

Dec 17, 2014 – Meet Dan & Jonell who hit the road in June 2013 leaving behind careers in education and healthcare to achieve their dream of travel. They workamp as they go for their income.

On the Road

Wheeling It

May 27, 2014 – Meet Nina & Paul who hit the road in 2010 with their dog and two cats, after returning from high pressure careers in Asia – they combine investing, workamping and boondocking.

2018 – Moved to Europe, Part-Time RVing


March 29, 2014 – Meet Danny & Cindy – newlyweds who decided to give RVing a shot in 2013 to see the country and take their photography business on the road.

Late 2014: Off the Road

Geeks On Tour

February 12, 2014 – Meet Jim & Chris, who hit the road in 2003 full filling their dream of RVing. They develop some computer training courses, which now fund their lifestyle.

Part time On the Road. switched to a van conversion.

Tales from the Mutiny

January 20, 2014– Meet Clark & Lynn who hit the road in October 2012 after Clark retired from the police force at age 50. They share about how they make their RV feel like home.

June 2016: Settled down in CO

Interstellar Orchard

December 6, 2013 – Meet Becky – a solo female RVer who hit the road in the fall of 2012 at the age of 28. She finds unique seasonal temporary work around the country.

On the Road, switched to a teardrop in 2018.

Breaking Up With Normal

November 4, 2013 – Meet Brenda & Karin – a random conversation around the pool led to downsizing to hit the road. They talk about their planning process, but are now off the road.

2013: Settled in Florida

Our Odyssey

October 3, 2013 – Meet Sean & Louise who have been traveling full time since 2004. First in a double decker bus conversion, and now a boat. They were able to retire early in their 40s, and do volunteer work.

Been on a boat since 2013

Intense Lives

August 6, 2013 – Meet Gillian – a single mom raising her two kids on the road. They traveled via RV for 15 months, and then switched to a sailboat. They are now homesteading back in Trinidad.

Now settled in Trinidad

Pace & Kyeli

July 9, 2013 – Meet Pace & Kyeli – two 35 year olds who dove head first into giving RVing a shot with their 15 year old son. They run a life coaching business, and eventually decided to settle down in Portland.

Now settled in Portland

What’s Newell?

May 27, 2013 – Meet Clarke & Elaine who hit the road in February 2012 in their 1982 Newell motorhome. They supplement their social security income with some remote insurance work and workamping.

On the road

Forrest & Mary

April 25, 2013 – Meet Forrest & Mary who hit the road in the fall of 2012. Forrest is a retired pastor, and Mary a retired teacher. They are both now volunteers with the Red Cross, and Forrest a life coach.

On the road, Got a new ‘old’ RV

The Organic Sister 

January 15, 2013 – Meet Justin, Tara & Zeb. This family hit the road in 2010 intending to travel for a year. 3 years later, they’re still at it – they talk about unschooling and waste veggie oil.

Now settled in Florida

Digital Mastery / Creative Cruiser 

Dec 6, 2012 – Meet Ben & Karen – a pair of artistically inclined photographers & pixel masters. Ben started solo in 2006, and Karen joined him in 2010. They travel all over, teaching and shooting.

Converted a SWEET  vintage bus, finally ready in 2017.

Zen Nomads 

Nov 13, 2012 – Meet Sam & Tracy – two rainbow colored hair grandparents in their mid-40s who hit the road in 2009 in a 40′ motorhome. He’s a software developer with a mission to have fun!

Separated, He’s still on the road

Tacky Texans -> Fruitiny 

Oct 5, 2012 – Meet Brice & Rose, a mid-20s couple. In April 2010 we interviewed them just days after they moved into their travel trailer to go full time. Two years later we follow-up with Brice, who is now solo.

Divorced, and both off the road

Voyager 54

Sep 7, 2012 – Meet John Lamb who has been on the road since mid-2010. He’s in his late 50s, travels in a stealth cargo trailer and workamps to fund his adventures.


Over Yonderlust

Aug 10, 2012 – Meet late 20s couple Shaun & Erica. They spent 4 years planning their escape to budget travel the world. This video catches them after a 1 year meandering through Latin America.

Homebased in Austin

Our Take on Freedom

Jul 27, 2012 – Mid-20s Ayo & Yair left their budding Wall Street jobs to hit the road. For two years they traveled by RV and share their tips and tricks for thinking creatively to make it affordable.

Divorced – both off the road.

Porkchop Express

Jul 11, 2012 – We interviewed this fun loving couple on their first day on the road. They share about their prepping process, and Lucy shares about her RVing hesitations. He’s a software developer.

Settled in Missouri, but travels frequently.

Live. Work. Dream.

Jun 20, 2012 – In 2007 Jim & Rene’s dog was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and that prompted them to hit the road. This is their original interview in 2010 with a 2 year follow up.

On the road,  Got a new RV

Every Mile’s a Memory

Jun 8, 2012 – Pat & Cindy planned a 2 year RVing journey, decided they loved it – but ran out of money. They’re now hosting a RV park and motel in Cedar Key, FL while they bank some cash.

Settled in Cedar Key

Cheddar  Yeti

May 24, 2012 – This late-30s dynamic duo has been traveling since December 2009. They primarily fund their travels by offering web design and development services remotely.

2015 – Now ‘Bi-Coastal’ (and now our webmaster and designer)

Jonathan Sisk

May 9, 2012 – Jonathan hit the road full time in February 2009,he funds his travels from a mix of pulling from his savings and picking up consulting work along the way.


The Roaming Pint

Apr 27, 2012 –  Late 20s Maria & Brian hit the road in August 2010. By containing their living costs, they are achieving their goal of ‘working part time and living full time’ with web and software design.

On the road, Got a new RV in 2015

Kasson’s Wild Ride

Apr 20, 2012 – Bill and Debby hit the road in July 2010 in their 35′ motorhome.  She is a CPA and he’s an environmental analyst submitting his reports from wherever they’re parked.

2014: Sold RV, moved to Baja