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A Quick Intro to Technomadia.com

We’re Cherie & Chris – two gen-X geeks who are utilizing technology to engage in a full-time hyper mobile life.

We are our owned by our cat, Kiki (she told us it was critical we included that part).

We were bloggers since before we met, and just continued sharing when our lives merged and started a little joint blog we randomly called ‘Technomadia’.

We really have no objective here, than perhaps making some new friends along the way to share a glass (or two) of wine with. Blogging has been a long time hobby for both of us, and we just simply enjoy creating this journal of our lives.

We consider this space our personal virtual living room. And we welcome you to hang out, interact and explore around.

We use the term technomad to describe our lifestyle:

Technomad: Technology enabled nomad.
(term coined by our friend and original technomad, Steven Roberts / www.microship.com)


Short Story of Technomadia

Chris started out solo in 2006 after wrapping up his Silicon Valley career in mobile tech. He hit the road in a tiny 16′ travel trailer. We soon after met online, fell in love and hit the road together.

Cherie had run a software development business from her home for many years often working remotely, and was well aligned to embrace nomadic life.

Over the years, we’ve merged our strengths, and created our own business endeavors.

Our life is consciously created to be a long term, sustainable, mobile optimized lifestyle that combines our hi-tech careers with a rich and fulfilling life of travel, serendipity, community, adventure and amazing experiences.

We mix it up when we feel so inclined, and aren’t tied to too many labels or presumptions. We currently split our time RVing the USA in our vintage bus conversion and time on the water slowly pursuing the ‘Great Loop’.

We have switched up our travel modality many times.. including: a 16′ T@B trailer, a 17′ Oliver Travel Trailer, a cottage in the US Virgin Islands, an Amtrak rail pass, backpacking Alaska, a 35′ vintage bus conversion and 47′ motor yacht. And we sometimes embark on other adventures – train trips, cruises, backpacking and more.

Here’s a quick video introduction to us:

More About Us

Our Full(er) Story – Our story up until roughly now… how we met, who we are, our various forms of travel thus far and more about how we earn our income as we roam.

Our Home on Wheels – A tour of our land based nomadic home – an awesome 1961 GM 4016 vintage bus conversion.

Our Home on Water – A tour of our water based nomadic home on water – a 1999 Bayliner 4788 motor yacht.

Our Annual Travel Wrap Ups – Want a speed trip down memory lane? These annual posts will get you caught up on more of the journey so far.

Explore around our site – use the links on the side bar, the menus above, the search function (the magnifying glass above) –  you’ll find tons of content.

Spot us ‘In the Wild’ ?

Please click through to our ‘Contact Us‘ page to read our preferences for being approached ‘in real life’. (Quick summation: Yes, we’d LOVE to meet you… write us first or catch us out and about. Please don’t just show up at our dock or campsite.)

Meet Chris, Cherie & Kiki

Chris Dunphy

chris dunphy technomadiaChris is a long-time technology geek, working in several venues of the Silicon Valley tech industry with a specialization in mobile technology. He’s been a tech journalist, mobile tech industry spy and forged creating a mobile application ecosystem.  He grew up traveling and living all over the world, including spending 3 years in Indonesia as a kid.

After traveling the world as an industry spy for Palm & PalmSource (a job just too good to give up), in April 2006 he evicted himself from his San Francisco penthouse apartment and launched into a technomadic lifestyle, making his life a living laboratory for mobile technology. He bought a T@B trailer, traded in his beloved hybrid vehicle and off he set… never imagining he’d meet a partner willing to sell her home and join him.

He’s also a pilot (he used to carry his ultralight paramotor with him), photographer and all around adventurer. He’s the one you’ll find writing the occasional big epic tech posts here.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/chris_technomadia

Cherie Ve Ard

IMG_3263Cherie had wanderlust and technology in her blood from an early age – programming by age 7 and solo traveling the world by age 12.  She grew up the daughter of an entrepreneurial tech pioneer dad and a common sense mom.  She’s been self-employed as a location independent software developer since 1994, managing some pretty large scale projects in the medical and government sectors.

At several times during her life she had contemplated becoming mobile full time, but the timing was never quite right until she met Chris and she made the leap to share 45 sq ft of mobile living space with this new dude she met on a Prius forum.

Cherie is passionate about inspiring others to live their lives by conscious intent, and abundance instead of scarcity.

She handles 98% of our social media – blogging, video creation and postings.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cherie_technomadia


IMG_9130Born in a chicken coop on a llama ranch in Lebanon, Oregon and orphaned by her feral barn cat parents, Kiki found her way into Chris & Cherie’s heart and joined Technomadia in late 2008, after a trial run on the road at the age of 7 weeks old.

She proved to be adaptable, sweet, spunky and photogeneic. She’s known nothing else but travel. She’s the real boss and brains behind Technomadia, and Admiral of m/v Y-Not.

She’s kinda lazy about making blog posts and keeping up on Facebook – but you’ll sometimes hear from her or see her make a cameo appearance in our videos.

Kiki on Facebook /Kiki on Instagram