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We LOVE Hearing From You!

Hearing from our readers & viewers is our greatest reward for sharing.
It’s all about new friends, community and making connections for us.

You can join us and interact with us around the web in these ways:

  • Leave comments..  knowing our efforts are appreciated keeps us inspired to keep posting.
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter
  • Instagram (Cherie / Chris – note, DMing us on IG doesn’t generally reach us quickly…)
  • E-mail?  We love notes of appreciation, invitations (meet-ups, press inquiries, cool gizmos??), recommendations for cool stuff and generally awesome* things – so do drop a line.  Our e-mail address is “contact@” then the URL of this blog.
    • Got questions or want personal feedback? Suggestions/Corrections?
      Please see below before writing that e-mail..
  • Feel called towards us as people? Become part of our Technomadia Virtual Crew Facebook Group – this is our more intimate & interactive community where we hope to go beyond a typical fan/creator dynamic. We share more casually there, and love taking part in our community’s adventures too. Because this is a more intimate & interactive community, we are selective in who we invite it in.


* ‘generally awesome’ does NOT include publishing guest posts, sponsored posts, using your amazing infographic, promoting a product we don’t authentically utilize, inserting links into our content, hiring you for SEO service, advertising inquiries or other such nonsense.

Want to Meet In Person? Spot us ‘in the wild’?

We love meeting our readers.. really, we do!

We love meeting our readers.. really, we do!

Serendipity rocks, if you spot us out and about –
please DO say hi.

Want to intentionally meet up?

We enjoy meeting our readers & viewers and we love making new friends!

If you think we might get along beyond just saying hi and your intentions aren’t just to pick our brains – drop us a quick note, introduce yourself (you probably know far more about us than we do about you at this point) and suggest a meet up.

Happy hour? Dinner? Hike? Game night? Showing us something awesome in your home town? Local activity to explore together? Doing work on our boat/bus (hah, no really..)?

We love casually hanging out, getting to know each other and making new friends.

But please please please don’t MAKE plans to drop by unannounced.  Please respect that our nomadic vessels are our personal spaces, our homes, our work places – and we are at heart, nomadic introverted homebodies. 

You would think this would all be obvious, but it’s happened a few too many times. We’d much prefer being given the opportunity to make time for our visit (and have clothes on). Thanks!

Got questions? Want Personalized Advice? Have suggestions for how we can improve?

We genuinely love to help and we do enjoy answering questions. But there’s a LOT of you, and only three of us (and Kiki’s answer will always be ‘give me cat treats’).

Sitting at the computer dealing with an overflowing inbox became not so much fun. No longer inviting e-mailed questions has really given us a better life balance, so thank you so much for respecting that. Instead, we have created time & space to field questions..

First, please search the blog & videos….

We’ve been sharing since 2006, so chances are –
we’ve covered your question somewhere.
If we haven’t, we probably don’t have experience to share yet.

Still have a question? We’d really prefer answering in a public space where our efforts might help others too:

  • We regularly host live video events with open Q&As. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and set notifications to be alerted when we go live.
  • Ask on a relevant post
  • For mobile internet questions: We were answering those questions so often, we made it our job – so please ask in the spaces we’ve created for that (ie. our office):
  • For general mobile tech questions: join the Technomads FB Group.

Want to e-mail us questions? Thank you for honoring our personal time and helping us by saving your questions for places & times we invite them (see above). Please don’t e-mail us questions beyond ‘hey, what kind of wine do you like?’ or ‘can I take you guys out to dinner?’.

Have suggestions for how we can improve our content? We welcome you to enjoy the content as is.  This is our hobby – we have no goals of being pro-bloggers. Our style may not tickle everyone’s fancy and we’re mighty fine with that. We’re absolutely confident you’ll find mistakes in our content, that we’ll press your personal pet peeve or you’ll be able to suggest ways we can do things better. We really don’t care to hear it, thanks.

Want to hire us for private ‘brain picking’? We have offered one-on-one advising in the past – but the reality is, we just don’t have the open time to keep up with the demand. We spend far too many hours sitting around and not out playing as is. So no, unfortunately, we no longer offer private one-on-one consults.