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Say Thanks – We’d love to hear from you!

We come from the beginning days of blogging – when sharing was a hobby, not a career.

We intend to keep it that way.

We work full time running the Mobile Internet Resource Center – everything branded as Technomadia is our after hours fun space.  Our gift to you.

As much as we LOVE sharing – it does takes a lot of time, effort and cash to make this all happen.

And why do we do it?
We really and sincerely enjoy it!

If you enjoy the content we share with you.. hearing your appreciation keeps us inspired to keep creating!

The Best Way? – Interact With Us (and it’s free!)

We don’t share just to hear ourselves talk – we share to interact with our readers & viewers, perhaps help someone and maybe one day meet you.

Our absolute favorite way to hear your appreciation is a bit of interaction.. here’s how:

    • Comment on posts & videos – let us know you’re enjoying what we share.
    • Sharing is caring – If our content helped you, it may helps others too… help us get it out there. Click the share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or wherever else you’re active.
    • Connect and interact with us elsewhere on the web:
    • Contact Us – A personal notes of thanks rocks. (Got questions? Please do ask in public spaces, where our time answering might benefit others.)
      • Invite us Out! – We love meeting up in person, seeing a city through a locals eyes, intersecting with fellow nomads, etc.  (Please – don’t just drop by unannounced. We do work full time, sleep odd hours and… umm…  may not have our clothes on.)

Say Thanks with a Cash Gift

While we never expect it, and it’s not our goal – ‘virtual wine’ goes a LONG way in keeping us inspired. Contributions make our heart sing, and we do a happy dance every time a contribution comes in.

Making a financial contribution is also one of the qualifiers to become part of our Virtual Crew.

You can make a one-time contribution:

Choose your Contribution Level

or select your own amount and/or setup recurring payments if you so desire:

(A note about Patreon – we used to offer this too, but it started feeling too much like work. And we didn’t like having a community only focused on folks who support us financially on a monthly basis.)

Support our Work

Remember we mentioned Technomadia is our hobby? Well we do work full time too. We’re creators who enjoy solving everyday situations we encounter.

Over our many years on the road, we’ve developed some truly useful related resources. And yes, you’ll see us mention them here – think of it more like us talking socially about our workday at happy hour.

Supporting these projects by utilizing them, sharing them and purchasing is supporting our careers & earned income. We do strive to create really useful things, so hopefully they are tools you can utilize in your own pursuit of mobility.

Mobile Internet Resource Center

Our current ‘day job’ – hosting the Mobile Internet Resource Center.

We were writing so much content about mobile internet here on Technomadia as we talked about being software developers on the road, and fielding so many questions – that we just couldn’t keep up with our inbox.

On a whim one day back in 2013 we decided to put all our blog posts on the topic together in one place and discovered we had a book. A year later we launched a dedicated website – the Mobile Internet Resource Center.

We never in our wildest imagination thought that one little action would become our primary focus.

And we absolutely love it – we get the help people directly with something we’re passionate & knowledgeable about. And we get paid by the very people who utilize the resources without having to sell out to sponsors & advertisers.

3D-TMIH-240Here’s what we offer there:

We welcome you to utilize this resource and share out news items with your friends, readers and followers too!

 Mobile Travel Apps

We wrote a few apps to solve problems we encountered in our own travels – and make them available to you. We have since partnered with a fellow full time nomad to help keep these apps up to date while we focus on the Mobile Internet Resource Center:

Coverage? for iOS & Android™

Coverage? is the app digital nomads, bandwidth junkies and travelers crave – knowing where they can expect to be connected next! Overlaying all of the major cellular carrier’s coverage maps in a standardized layout, allows end users to see where they will can most likely get LTE, 4G, Edge or be off network.

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40 Get it on Google Play

State Lines for iPhone & Android™

Compiled after over 7 years of full time RV road-tripping across the USA, and after many hours of research on state specific information, State Lines is an indispensable traveler’s guidebook to highly variable state regulations.

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40  Get it on Google Play

US Public Lands for iOS & Android™

Overlays BLM, Forest Service, NPS and public land boundary maps. Helping you utilize US national resources!

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40  Get it on Google Play