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Come Virtually Hang Out With Us – Live Video Chats

Come join virtually join us in our living room!

Come join virtually join us in our living room! (Photo by TheRVGeeks.com)

If our living room was larger, we’d love to invite everyone over to hang out! Instead, we love hosting a virtual hangout via video to talk about a topic, share about what’s currently up for us and take questions.

It’s a very fun way for us to interact with our community (ie. YOU!).

We host these chats when we have time and bandwidth availability. And more importantly, when we feel inspired!

Remember, we do these just for fun.

Sometimes they are scheduled rather last minute or not scheduled at all. They are all archived on YouTube.

All of our chats are recorded and available for viewing later (scroll down).

Fueled by Gratitude

We offer these broadcasts as our gift, but if you’d like to offer a tip/contribution in thanks for our time, bandwidth & effort – we greatly appreciate it. 

You can find a ‘Leave a Tip’ button at the very bottom of every page on our website. We have no interest in making sharing our personal lives feel like ‘work’ – all tips go into our wine & dine fund for extras.

These tips definitely keep us inspired to keep turning the camera on and inviting you into our living room.

Join our Next Video Broadcast

Want to be notified when we schedule a new video chat topic? You can get announcements in these places:

Notes about our chats:

  • We are usually broadcasting via cellular data – video & audio quality can vary.
  • During live casts, you can ask questions to us via the video page’s comments. When viewing archives, obviously – we won’t be there to answer your questions on camera, but we will do our best to answer comments in the archives.

Broadcast Archives