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No Excuses: Go Nomadic

A lot of folks tell us – ‘You’re living my dream!’

To which we of course reply:

‘What’s holding you back from a fully mobile lifestyle?’

Our No Excuses: Go Nomadic series is our extensive brain dump on many of the frequent topics we get asked about.

We’re Chris & Cherie and we’ve been traveling full time since 2006 while working remotely the entire time. We have traveled thus far by 3 different RVs we’ve owned (and a few we didn’t), boat, train, plane, rental cottages and island hopping – all without having a stationary home base.

This series addresses some of the obstacles we’ve had over the years and how we’ve dealt with them. We first launched this series in 2009, and have tried to keep the chapters updated as best we can.

The individual chapters are available to read online as blog posts below. If you appreciate it, we always appreciate contributions to our tip jar below!

Table of Contents

Please enjoy the following online content as our gift to you:

Chapter 1: Jobs, Careers and Income Sources 

We offer ideas on earning an income while traveling; including how to transition your existing career, choosing a career that is nomad friendly and thinking differently about work  

Chapter 2: Affording Full Time Travel 

We dispel the myths about the high cost of travel. Addressing issues such as selling your home or renting it out, and reducing living expenses overall.

Chapter 3: Purge your Stuff, Shed the Anchors 

Stuff is an anchor, what are the things that you truly need? We offer tips on letting go of attachments to things, and advice on how to tackle the overwhelming purging process.

Chapter 4: Family Aspects of a Nomadic Lifestyle

Travel can be a great education for kids, and can actually keep you more connected to extended family. How to deal with unsupportive family when you announce your decision.  

Chapter 5: Greener Environmental Nomadism 

You can travel and still lower your ecological footprint on the world. We share tips on slowing down your pace to reduce your impact. Even RVing can be green!

Chapter 6: Pets Can Be Nomadic Travelers Too!  

Some forms of travel are more pet friendly than others. We share ideas on how to responsibly take your furbabies along for the adventures, and alternatives if it’s not possible. 

Chapter 7: Community Aspects of Nomadic Travel 

Community as a nomad has its challenges, but it also opens up new opportunities. We offer tips on how to stay connected and meet like-minded people as you travel.

Chapter 8: Nomadic Romance, Sex & Relationships

We explore everything from solo travel, dating & sex while traveling, coupled travel and dealing with a partner who doesn’t share your wanderlust.

Chapter 9: Domicile State, Getting Mail & Voting

We share practical advice on how to pick & establish a state of domicile/residency, handle getting your mail and voting – the mundane (but important!) logistics. 

Chapter 10: Money – Banking, Finances & Taxes

We share tips on what to look for when selecting a bank, using credit cards to your advantage, if you should pay off your debts first, how much savings you need to travel.

Chapter 11: Tackling the Overwhelm of Preparing

Preparing to hit the road can be an overwhelming process of bringing a lot of logistics together. Where to you start? We share our tips and guidance – including that all critical first step – setting the date.

Chapter 12: Healthcare and Staying Healthy 

We share our tips for navigating the healthcare system as a nomad – from selecting insurance, finding providers as your roam, telehealth options, handling chronic illnesses and keeping focus on health.

Chapter 13: Lack of Continuity 

Living on the road equates to finding new service providers, grocery stores and basic amenities at every new location. For some, this is part of the adventure – and for others, it may be too much to be sustainable.

Chapter 14: Feeling Safe while Traveling Full Time

A mobile lifestyle doesn’t really have more risks, just different risks. Redefining safety and trusting in yourself can go a long way to feeling like you can handle whatever life tosses at you.

Chapter 15: Keeping Connected – Mobile Internet Overview

Keeping connected on the road is vital to  many RVers. This is overview of the options out there (hosted on our RVMobileInternet.com site).


What happened to the eBook version of this series?


Great for those gearing up to RV – RV Love’s new book that goes over EVERYTHING!

We used to offer an eBook version of this content on a ‘Pay as you Wish’ basis. That book got so out of date and we have no time to keep it updated – so we took it down.

We do our best to upkeep the segments in this blog series, but realistically can’t see republishing the book edition.

In November 2018, RV Love released their brand new (professionally published) book – Living the RV Life. It goes over a lot of similar content to this series (and more) on RVing. We highly recommend picking up a copy!

You’re of course welcome to browse the No Excuses: Go Nomadic series online for more of our tips & tricks on the logistics of nomadic travel.

If you do appreciate this series or the content on our blog, we always LOVE hearing your appreciation – leave a comment, leave a tip (link at bottom of every page) and/or share this post.  Thank you!