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Become Part of our Virtual Crew

One of our primary goals in sharing online is to make new friends and get to know you too.

That’s become harder and harder as our audience has grown.

Our Virtual Crew Facebook Group is a more intimate community where we can do just that – share more ‘behind the scenes’, interact, laugh, vent and just be us. We host interactive video events, Q&As, in person meet-ups and encourage two-way participation so we can get to know you too.

This space is a ‘no spectators’ area – open to those who have made their intentions to be a more active part of our journey clear to us.

Criteria that might determine if this spot is for you:

  • You’ve sent virtual wine or more (you can do so at the bottom of every page).
  • You were a Patreon when we offered that option (we no longer host a community there, as we want to be more inclusive than just those who send a monthly contribution.)
  • We’re related and/or real life friends
  • We’ve met in person and shared more than a surface level conversation
  • You’ve been a frequent positive commenter on our content, to a point we’d recognize you
  • You’ve offered or provided logistical assistance (driveway/dock surfing, project assistance, tips on things to do, volunteer moderators, etc.)
  • You’ve brought us actual wine/gifts
  • You purchased one of our shirts or other swag we might offer
  • You joined the MIA, not just to get mobile internet content, but also to support our work
  • Some other action that we may not have thought of yet

Basically.. you’ve reciprocated back to us beyond a typical ‘fan/creator’ dynamic (while reading/watching, subscribing, liking and occasionally commenting on posts are all awesome & appreciated, those are ‘typical’ interactions.)

Met one or more of the criteria above?

Come Join our Virtual Crew

Not a ‘Facebook Person’?  We understand, not everyone is on Facebook or comfortable with it. But that’s simply where we find ourselves spending time keeping up with friends & family, and hosting our business related groups. We are there anyway, so it’s what works best for us –  we tried non-Facebook options like Patreon, and it just felt too much like extra work and wasn’t interactive enough to be fun for us. We welcome you to interact wherever we post – YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or right here on the blog.