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Technomadia Travel Maps

We generally route by serendipity, and rarely know too far in advance where we’re going.

On the map below, the red line is where we’ve been – click to read relevant travelogues about the visit. The blue line is our best guess as to upcoming travel plans.

Our 2019 Travels & Upcoming ‘Plans’

    Remember, we’re always on NST (Nomadic Standard Time) – which means all travel intentions are subject to change. We also have two nomadic vessels, so some stops may be by RV and others by boat.

    You can also track our entire Great Loop Cruising Adventure on its own dedicated map. 

    1Sanford, United StatesOct 31, 2018Mar 11, 2019
    2DeBary, United StatesMar 11, 2019Mar 13, 2019
    3DeLand, United StatesMar 13, 2019Mar 15, 2019
    4Paisley, United StatesMar 15, 2019Mar 16, 2019
    5Fort McCoy, United StatesMar 16, 2019Mar 17, 2019
    6Welaka, United StatesMar 17, 2019Mar 18, 2019
    7Satsuma, United StatesMar 18, 2019Mar 19, 2019
    8Palatka, United StatesMar 19, 2019Mar 20, 2019
    9Green Cove Springs, United StatesMar 20, 2019Mar 22, 2019
    10Jacksonville, United StatesMar 20, 2019Apr 27, 2019
    11Live Oak, United StatesMar 27, 2019Mar 31, 2019
    12Brunswick, United StatesApr 29, 2019May 29, 2019
    13St. Simons, United StatesMay 29, 2019May 31, 2019
    14Townsend, United StatesMay 31, 2019Jun 2, 2019
    15Midway, United StatesJun 2, 2019Jun 3, 2019
    16Richmond Hill, United StatesJun 4, 2019Jun 5, 2019
    17Thunderbolt, United StatesJun 4, 2019Jun 13, 2019
    18Beaufort, United StatesJun 17, 2019Jun 23, 2019
    19Charleston, United StatesJun 26, 2019Jul 10, 2019

    The map & routing above is provided by the WordPress plug-in Nomad World Map.

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    Our RVillage.com Locations To Date

    We love RVillage – a social network for RVers. We were so inspired by the idea, that we actually helped with the focus groups and launch of the site in early 2014. We encourage any RVer who wants to meet other like minded RVers to join (it’s free!).

    rvillage_badge_300x140-find us

    The map above is provided by RVillage.com with all the places we’ve stayed since we got our beta account in November 2013.

    When we check into a new location, it records our locations on our profile. Checking into a park also alerts us to other RVillagers who are also in the area that we might like to meet. Additionally we can schedule get togethers with those around us, find RVers with similar interests in groups and  track our friends across the country (making sure we don’t miss any potential rendezvouses).

    You can embed your map on your website (like we did above)!  Just go to ‘View My Profile’, click on ‘My Places’ and then cut-n-paste the embed code provided. Sweet!