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Ramblings: Tales from Nomads – RV Love (Then and Now)

Meet Marc & Julie

Ok first.. anyone having flashbacks?!? It’s been nearly 4 years since we’ve published a Rambling video interview! So why are we now?

Well, four years ago we very serendipitously discovered our new neighbors at American Girl Mine (an awesome boondocking spot outside Yuma, AZ) were new to the road nomads – Marc & Julie of RVLove.com.

We mostly knew these guys from our then just launched RVMobileInternet.com site – they were some of our first paid members, and we had been helping them find their right mobile internet solution in our Q&A forum.

Little did we know this was their very first night boondocking in their 7-months on the road. They were newbies.

We were ready to wrap up our Ramblings Interview Series (we had already published about 30 episodes) – but decided – why not one more?

Well… I never got around to producing that episode – despite Julie having ironed (IRONED?!!?) her pants just for this interview.

This past December we were finally in the same area with Marc & Julie again and got to reconnect in person, after years of keeping in touch online and becoming friends.

But now  they released the very first RV lifestyle book by a major publishing house – Living the RV Life and run the RV Success School.

These once newbies are now experienced long time RVing nomads helping others reach their dreams, just as we once did for them.

We were so thrilled when they thought it fun to go back to the unpublished interview footage from four years ago to share their beginnings and how much their journey has changed.

This one is super fun, and includes their reaction to seeing their old footage… and some updates.

Follow Marc & Julie:

Blog: RV Love

YouTuve Channel: RV Love

Instagram: @rvlovetravel

Facebook: RV Love FB Page


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Join us TONIGHT on YouTube Live

Marc and Julie are coming over for another visit today (February 11, 2019) – and we’ll be going on YouTube Live for a special Q&A session.

Come join us at 7pm eastern and ask any questions you have of us… or just hang out.

I can pretty much guarantee there will be much laughter!

Or catch the archive later….

Here’s the link:

Live Hang Out With Marc & Julie of RV Love

Oh.. and if you’re in central Florida – we just may be hosting another meet-up with these guys on February 22. Stay tuned for details.



Inspired by this Series?

Great for those gearing up to RV – RV Love’s new book that goes over EVERYTHING!

At this point in our Ramblings post, we used to encourage our readers to go browse our own No Excuses: Go Nomadic series to learn more about the logistics of a nomadic lifestyle – which Marc & Julie actually did when preparing for their own journey.

But now with their own book out – we highly encourage you to go buy it too.

It’s pretty darn awesome – and we don’t just say that because we’re featured on page 185.

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  1. Have watched this video twice. I bought the book Living the RV Life. Found it very useful. Nice getting to know Marc and Julie.
    Loved Kiki in the background. Thanks Cherie for sharing.

  2. This is so cool. We used to really enjoy the Ramblings series – they were inspirational. It is kind of neat that you didn’t end up producing their interview back then. It is fun seeing it now as a time capsule from the past.
    Lots of love and happiness to you all.

    (PS – hope this goes through this time. Tried posting earlier today).

  3. That was fun to watch. I miss the Ramblings videos. It is always fun to see the how and why of other’s adventures. We are in the middle of moving into our fifth wheel now, and getting our house ready to sell, after not full-timing since 2001. Things have changed so much! We had about 3 or 4 big fat books to look through every time we went into a new area, trying to find a place to camp, eat, shop, sightsee, etc. Now, just pull up an app or two and you are all set. Our last teen is moving out next week (!!!!!) and off we go!

  4. It is interesting to go back in time and see some interesting perspective changes. When I first started watching, you were looking back on the time when Chris had a tear drop trailer and Cherie had decided to join him. Then the bus broke down and needed a complete engine teardown and rebuild. You kept referring to your lithium battery bank but I did not know where you explained what you had. Being an electrical engineer and having done a lot with batteries and chargers, albeit smaller ones than yours, I was really hoping you would show us the bones of your setup. Then I ran into Nathan and Marissa Moss traveling in their Class A with their adorable little girl. Then they did a composite video with RVlove and I started following Marc and Julie as well. You can see how you (that is a collective you) have grown on me. My wife of forty-seven and a half years passed away and that changed everything. Upon my retirement, I had tried snowbirding with her in southern Texas and she HATED it. For a couple of years, I couldn’t bring myself to do anything that she did not like. Then three years ago, I took my RV to Florida after spending Christmas with my kids. Unfortunately, it was a RV Resort that I ended up calling Little Quebec. If you didn’t speak French, hardly anybody would talk to you. I have moved on to other locations since then and it has been better. It was certainly a thrill to get to meet you, Mark and Julie, at the Tampa RV show and get you to autograph my copy of your book for me. It was also great to get to take the Moss family out to dinner that evening. What a thrilling day that was!! Now I am looking forward to some diesel pusher modifications, boat excursions, and some Zephyr excursions!

    Thank you for the inspiration to reminisce!

  5. This is so cool. Used to enjoy your “Ramblings” episodes so much. They inspired us tremendously.
    It is actually kind of neat that you didn’t publish theirs back then as it makes such a fun and evolutionary one now. Happiness and (RV)Love to all of you.

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