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Ramblings: Tales from Nomads – Breaking Up With Normal

Meet Brenda & Karin

IMG_6441A random idea around the pool lead to Brenda & Karin starting to downsize their lives to full time RV so they could see their family more often.

In December 2012, after 2.5 years of planning, they hit the road.

We caught up with them 2 months later for this video interview where they talk about their decision making and planning process.

Karin is a retired police officer who’s pension funds most of their living expenses, and Brenda is able to supplement their income with her massage therapy work.

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Update to this story

However, since this interview was filmed, they’ve had a pretty major change… Brenda was kind enough to give us an update:

Last May, when less than a mile from our destination, we experienced total brake failure when approaching a yellow light. The light turned red right before we hit the intersection. As we went through the red light we were hit by a car at the rear of the RV on the driver’s side. This caused the car we were towing to whip around, break free from the tow bar base plate and slam into the RV as well. While no humans or animals were hurt, we sustained heavy damage to the RV, the car and our psyches. It was a month long ordeal dealing with insurance and Camping World that I would not wish on anyone. When all was said and done both the RV and our car were totaled out which left us homeless and heartbroken.

We struggled with what to do next. But ultimately neither of us felt comfortable trying to hit the road in another RV. We were too skittish behind the wheel of even a car and the thought of driving an RV again was a no-go. For now, we have settled into a little house we bought close to Karin’s parents in Florida. We have gone through a lot of grieving for the loss of what we thought was going to be a way of life for us. But we’re doing our best to make the most of what we do have. One thing we know for sure is that life is constantly changing and you never know what’s around the corner. We are open to whatever might come our way. It could very well turn out to be more than we ever imagined. Life is always an adventure!


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Blog: Breaking Up With Normal

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  1. This post is quite late. I, too, was heartbroken to read this update. What seemed like such an optimistic and great start turned into the opposite. I hope you ladies get back on the horse again in some way. Build your confidence up and start again slowly. Remember that accidents happen often–anywhere and to anyone. Wishing you both the best. =>

  2. I’m sure glad no one was hurt in this accident. Just wondering though, because I’m thinking of solo RVing fulltime soon. Did the ladies’ RV have a regular check up? Were the brakes inspected regularly? Is it odd for brakes to suddenly go out?

    I did go to Brenda and Karin’s blog and their new home in Florida is beautiful! Good luck – Jen

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