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Meet Jim & Chris

geeksontourAfter Jim’s son moved out of the house in 2003, he and Chris sold their home and fulfilled their dream of full time RVing – trusting they could figure out how to earn a living.

Being long time computer geeks, they naturally started helping others and ended up developing training courses to assist their fellow travelers document and record travels with photos on Google’s Picasa. They now teach in person, online and have expanded their training topics.

Check out their technical resources:

When we first hit the road in 2006, we came upon the Geeks on Tour early on and quickly identified with them. It wasn’t until 2013 that we finally intersected paths to meet up with them. We hope you enjoy virtually meeting them in this interview, they’re even more fun in person than their amazing laughter and stories indicate!

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Their business offerings:

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Meet more Ramblings

Meet some of the other nomads we’ve interviewed in this series:

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Stay tuned.. more nomads coming soon!

Ramblings: Tales from Nomads is intended to introduce you to some amazing people who are living life on their terms by traveling full time.

We started filming this series in 2010, and it keeps growing and growing!  We now have over 20 episodes produced, and many more filmed.

In this video series, you’ll meet some diverse and inspiring nomads we’ve had the pleasure of spending time with. They all have one thing in common – they’re not waiting for a traditional retirement to pursue their dreams of perpetual travel.

The entire video series can be explored at: https://www.technomadia.com/ramblings

Would you like to be featured in this series? Let us know when our paths might be converging and let’s hang out – and we’ll be happy to film you in person too.

Inspired by this Series?

We love producing this series, and we continually hear how each episode helps others see what is possible for a fully mobile lifestyle. Each of these episodes has several hours invested in filming, editing and uploading.

We provide them as our gift to you, but knowing they’re helping is what keeps us inspired to keep creating them.

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  1. Love your site and really enjoy listening to the souls, as yourselves, that have thrown off the shackles of house-hood and moved into a mobile lifestyle. We purchased our first RV last year and have enjoyed it so much that we just purchased a larger motorhome more suited to longer term travel. Downsizing has been painfully slow. We sold the larger house and moved into the vacation house. Now preparing to sell that and spend a few months in the new RV. Selling the rental properties has been a very slow process but they are on the market and we closed on one yesterday. Selling/donating the stuff is also time consuming but,as they say, Rome was not built in a day. Maybe this process is like child birth. You get 9 months to get used to the idea of having a child and I think it’s probably good that it takes 9 months. Thank you for your work. It’s terrific!

  2. Love these great stories of other ‘techy’ nomads. Always appreciate
    the hard work you put in to keep us entertained. Thanks!

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