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Travato Video Tour & Naming our New Camper Van

We’ve been enjoying visiting a local regional park here in Brunswick for some shake-down camping trips in the new Travato.

As amazing as our every day life is living on the water or in our RV – it’s still good to break it up. We’ve found getting out in the van feels more like a get-a-way – a little mini break. While it’s not a vacation (we’re still integrating in our work day), it’s been really good for the soul.

And, it’s fun to explore our new digs!

On our trip this past week, we filmed a more produced tour of the van, and shared some of the first purchases and modifications we’ve made. This is much more polished & thorough than the impromptu live archive version. If you prefer pictures to video, check out our Travato Introduction Post, we included a bunch.

Here it is:

For more of the kitchen gadgets, toys, safety equipment and ‘stuff’ we use in our van, boat and RV – check out our Technomadia Gear page.

You’ll find links to the Bamboo Folding Table and Latex Mattress Topper we mention in the video there too.

And… the name is…

At the end of our last introductory post and video, we asked for YOUR recommendations for a name for our new ride. Thanks so much to everyone who chimed in!

With the explanation that the Travato will serve as our shuttle craft between boat and bus, and we tend towards geek.. the most popular suggestion by far was Galileo. A major shuttle craft class featured on Star Trek.

We looked deeper, and discovered many Star Trek shuttle craft names and Copernicus struck our fancy. The shift in the way we see our universe by his theory of the Earth moving around the Sun (not the other way around), is inspiring. And the van will be our own shift in how we explore the country by land and sea.

And, if you add an extra O.. you get:


A perfect way to play homage to the MINI Cooper that the van’s role evolves from.

So.. welcome Coopernicus to the Technomadia Fleet!

We’ll probably just call him ‘Cooper’ for short.


Have a great long weekend, and don’t forget to take a moment to remember the reason behind Memorial Day. We always set an empty place at the table to honor those missing who protected our right to the picnics and festivities we participate in today. 

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  1. COOPERNICUS! Didn’t see that one coming, you’ve got a fun theme going on with your vehicles/abodes. We aren’t getting out as much lately; just a lot of other stuff going on – I always feel connected and wanting to get on the road again after reading your posts. You guys have a great life, keep on rollin’!

  2. The screen door was a great idea by Winnebago. As an RVer, I know how much I like to leave our door open when camping. Better watch Kiki and the claws on the leather. Yikes! Enjoy!

  3. My husband, an amateur astronomer, and I also went with Star Trek references for our RV fleet. We named our 24 ft Chinook, ‘Star Truk’. Woody uses the Star Truk to tow his mobile observatory, which he calls ‘Sky Trek’. We recently purchased a used Class A Kountry Star (total coincidence that we chose an RV with ‘Star’ already in the name) by Newmar, which we have christened ‘Star Gazer’…and we’re the Geezers who drive it. And, our tow car is Starlet. As you can see, we are easily amused by naming vehicles. We also have a 5th wheel, but have yet to re-name it. It has a huge bear on the front, so we named it Bear when we first got it years ago before the others. Very unimaginative. It needs a name that goes along with our fleet. We’ve got to think a bit more on that one. Enjoy your new rig!

  4. Live it! And no one deserves it more. You guys do so much for the nomad community. Can’t help but notice how your language has switched up to boating.

  5. Since we just found you guys online, we are enjoying getting your posts and catching up on all your adventures and research. Appreciate the detail you provide. Looking forward to studying up on mobile connection improvements. Heading for Newfoundland CA ourselves, Safe travels everyone!

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