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‘Living the RV Life’ Book Release & Full-Time Freedom Week – Exciting RVing Stuff!

This upcoming week is a super exciting one for the RV world. Lots of amazing stuff up, and we’re honored to be involved with two significant events we’d like to invite you to come along for:

New Book Release by RV Love

Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road
Coming Soon: November 20

Our friends Marc & Julie Bennett of RV Love (who are also starring in the just released RV Nomads Movie) were contacted earlier this year by Adams Media, a division of Simon & Shuster, to write a book on the RV lifestyle.

And it’s officially being released on November 20 – next Tuesday!

We are so super excited for them in this huge accomplishment – their book is the first and only book on the RVing lifestyle to be published by a major publishing house.

And by ‘it’s being released’ – this means not only online at Amazon, but on actual bookshelves at Barnes & Noble and Costcos around the nation!!

They asked us and several other RVers to be case studies in the book, and we were thrilled that ours was one that was selected for inclusion. It’s an honor indeed.

Being included meant we’ve been getting sneak peaks of the book as they had digital proofs – so we already knew the book was going to be awesome. But it wasn’t until we received our advanced copy last week that we realized just what a masterpiece this is, and what a gift it is to the entire RVing community.

It’s 256 pages chock full of an overview on just about everything an aspiring RVer needs to know to get started – from selecting your RV, the costs, lifestyle transitions, earning an income, sharing your journey, legal issues, to planning your travels.

It’ basically what we wished we had the time & energy to turn our No Excuses: Go Nomadic blog series into (but hooray, now we don’t – we’ll just refer folks to this book!).

While it’s glossy .. it glosses over nothing.

It’s not only full of useful information, it’s beautifully laid out and contains amazing photography.

We definitely recommend skipping the digital version of this and making space for a physical copy. It’s an encyclopedia in a coffee table book format.

You can pre-order it now on Amazon at 33% off list (just $15.17, affiliate link).

Heck, we ordered several copies for holiday gifts (shhhhh…. don’t tell Mom!).

To celebrate the launch, Marc & Julie are hosting a series of live video events with some of the featured RVers, and we’ll be joining them the evening of Monday, November 26. Come join up with all of these amazing folks, ask questions and hang out!

To get broadcast details, head on over to their announcement post.

Online RV Summit

Full-Time Freedom Week – November 19-23

Join us and 30+ other presenters FREE online from Nov 19-23! (Click to register!)

Last year, Camille Attell, Liz Wilcox, Julie Chickery and Lindsay McKenzie teamed up to host an online event with a few other RVers – an online summit of sorts. An opportunity for folks to access the kind of content you typically only get by attending an in person RV rally.

It was such a success, that they’re taking it big time this year – with over 30 industry experts presenting on a wide variety of topics.

It’s a 5-day completely free event to attend live online next week from November 19 – 23.

And yup, we’ll be there – giving an overview of mobile internet options (our ‘day job’ is running the Mobile Internet Resource Center).

Don’t have time to sit around for 5 days watching videos online? They are selling an ‘All Access Pass’ for $47 – which gives you lifetime access to all of the videos to watch when you want. Plus you’ll get access to a special coupon book.

You’ll find some awesome fellow RVers presenting including RV-Dreams, Drivin’ n Vibin, Less Junk More Journey, TechnoRV, RV to Freedom, Crazy Family Adventures, Xscapers and more.

To view the event live or sign up for the All Access pass, proceed to their Registration Page (affiliate link, we do get a little ca-ching if you buy the pass).

Mobile Internet Resource Center Stuff

While we’re being a bit promotional, we’ve also got a little bit up over at our very own Mobile Internet Resource Center (our ‘day job’).

  • Verizon Unlimited Data is Back (no really, this time it’s more unlimited!)- Verizon released a brand new unlimited data plan for Jetpacks last week, and covering it has kept us super busy ever since. It’s $65/month, no data caps and always subject to network management.  We’re quite excited about it, and so far – we’ve been sucking up the bandwidth at full speed for over a week. Learn More: Introducing Verizon Prepaid Unlimited Data Plans for Jetpacks
  • MIA Membership Sale – We’re offering $10 off a brand new membership to our Mobile Internet Aficionados premium membership program through the end of this month. Membership is not only how we receive our funding to run the resource center tracking deals like above (we don’t have advertising, sponsorships and nor do we sell stuff) – our members get access to our in-depth guides, classroom, Q&A forums, insider tips, product reviews and vendor discounts. Use ‘NovSave10’ by November 30 at checkout to save
  • Best Cellular Carrier Survey – If you currently travel the US by RV, boat or other means – we want to hear from you! Please take a moment and fill out our survey on how you utilize the four major US carriers to keep online.


Whew.. it’s shaping up to be a crazy time for RVing publicity.

With a professionally published book, a new documentary movie, online summits and our own upcoming PBS TV Series The RVers – we are kinda afraid of never being able to get into our favorite campsites again (hey, have you considered boating instead???).

But we do so love sharing this mobile lifestyle and inspiring people achieve their dreams.



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