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Announcement: Technomadia to Host ‘The RVers’ TV Show on PBS!!

Over the years, we’ve been approached by many documentaries, realities shows and film projects to share about our nomadic lifestyle.

We turn most of them down – it’s just not our thing to have a film crew following us around long term or acting out an experience.

We share a slice of our lives because we enjoy it and we love to educate – and we LOVE seeing others inspired to examine their lives to pursue their dreams.

That’s our joy and happy place that is abundantly fulfilled with our own blog and YouTube reach.

When long time follower (and fellow full time RVer) Anthony Nalli approached us a couple weeks ago to ask us to be part of his upcoming TV show – we were intrigued. We had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife a few years back and knew of his work producing the award winning the long running ‘The Aviators’ (it’s amazing!)

That he wanted to bring that same educational style programming to life for RVing struck a chord with us.

And that he wanted to include us.. well.. we were flattered (although, we’re not quite sure we  qualify as ‘RV-celebrities’.. we’re just us.)

A few discussions later… and we’re pleased to announce…

We’ve signed on to be the ‘Tech Hosts’ of this new programming coming to PBS, Bell TV in Canada, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, Microsoft Xbox, and Vudu in 2019!

And we’re joined by some fellow awesome RVers.


From the Press Release:

FourPoints Television produces the award-winning series The Aviators, the world’s most popular aviation TV series, entering its 8th season on PBS, iTunes, Amazon, etc. with a worldwide viewership of more than 50 million in over 100 countries. As avid RVers, the time has come for us to embark on an Aviators spin-off catering to an RV audience, The RVers.

The show will take viewers along for the ride as RV-celebrity hosts provide an in-depth look at each and every aspect of the world of RVing catering to the specific needs of the viewer, with hosts mindfully serving as facilitators serving those needs. Stunning photography, emotive insights, strategic direction, and masterful writing and editing ensures that The RVers will far and away be superior to any other RV show ever produced…

… But the news we’re most proud of is the signing on some of the biggest YouTube RV Stars to host the show…

Here’s the complete press release.

You can also stay up to date on the latest news as the show comes together:

Follow & Like The RVers On Facebookand please have your friends follow & like the Facebook page too, as all that activity and interest helps the production company sell the show to prospective sponsors. Thanks!

We’ve been a bit over the moon since we signed on.. and we’re so happy to finally be able to share with you now that it’s official.

It’s still in the early stages, and likely won’t hit the airwaves until late 2019 (TV shows apparently take a LOT longer to produce than YouTube videos).

Some immediate questions we know you might have include:

What about that whole having a film crew follow us?
But we’re no longer FULL time RVers and spend part of the year on a boat?
Is this a new career? What about our work?

First, there’s no film crew – we’ll be submitting short footage covering mobile technology filmed by ourselves. The production team then does the hard work. We can do our part from wherever we are. We’ll be mostly filming during our RVing months… but Anthony said some footage from the boat is cool too.. since our topic is not necessarily RV-centric.

And before you go thinking we’re now some high paid TV stars. Keep in mind this is PBS. There’s actually no direct compensation for this.

We view this as a legacy passion project – giving our time to help educate and inform.

That’s what the motivation behind our sharing has always been about, and we’re thrilled to bring that to a new and wider audience along with some fabulous co-hosts.

We’re going to continue sharing here and everywhere we currently do – just as always. And of course our work over at the Mobile Internet Resource Center will remain our primary focus.

We are so excited about this – and could not be more grateful to have you following along. With YOUR engagement we’ve kept us inspired to keep sharing. Thank you!

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  1. Looking forward to the program, picked up my class c a few months ago and have enjoyed travel trailers for years

  2. Congratulations! This feels like such a logical next step for you guys! The RV world benefits when you guys share your knowledge with us so the expanding of your audience is awesome!

  3. Congratulations! I love following your blog because of the diversity of your adventure. You are an amazing couple!

  4. How exciting! Congratulations! You two have been such an inspiration for my husband and I. There have been many times we’ve asked each other “what does Chris and Cherie have to say about this” and then we’re off in search of an article or youtube video you all have done. The information you’ve provided over the years has been awesome and helped us make the move to full timing.
    We look forward to seeing the new show.

  5. We are absolutely thrilled for you both! What an incredible opportunity, and well deserved – you have given SO much to the RVing (and boating) worlds, helping us all stay connected during our travels. What you do enables us to work and travel! We are so excited for this next phase in your lives! Until we meet again – virtually or in real life – love and hugs from your friends, Marc and Julie xoxo

  6. First heard about this documentary via Peter/RVGeeks and thrilled to see you all are in it too!

    Glad PBS approached you and understand about the other “documentary” productions.

    Does 2019 mean that’s the air date? or just production starts?

  7. This is all so exciting, isn’t it? We’re still pinching ourselves and are so thrilled and honored to be working alongside dear friends for whom we have so much respect and admiration! Is it 2019 yet?!?!

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