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3 Tips for RVing & Camping with Humans

I claim this human as my servant.

I claim this human as my servant.

Six years ago today, Cherie & Chris stopped by for a visit to a little farm in Oregon. I was 7 weeks old then and I kinda liked them. So I told them that I now own them. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. You see, these humans I decided to bring into my life lived in a travel trailer, and went all over the place.

I’d be leaving my farm life of snuggling up with chickens, and hitting the road in search of mischief.

The driving force behind Technomadia.

The driving force behind Technomadia.

They think they’re all independent and techno-hip and stuff. But we all know the truth, I had to train these guys to do my bidding. That trailer? Really, it was really a kitten carrier on wheels and they my chauffeurs.  They think it’s ‘serendipity’ routing them, but it’s me really.

I guess you could say, they’re Kiki’s Delivery Service.  Har har har.

Over the past 6 years, I’ve lead them around the country on all sorts of adventures. So for all my fellow nomadic cat friends out there, I thought I’d share some tips on how to travel with these humans in small spaces.

Tip 1: Adventure…  it’s in the bushes!

All about the bushes!

All about the bushes!

The humans, they get all excited about big expansive views.  Or shade to keep cool. Or sun to keep solar happy or satellite dishes aimed.

But the single most important thing that makes a site cat friendly… is BUSHES! Or at least big rocks. The best critters need things to hide behind, and that makes it more fun.  If your site doesn’t have anything to attract critters, it’s kinda boring.

Sometimes, these crazy humans get off course and take me to places that aren’t so cat friendly.  Like, a parking lot of a Walmart or diesel shop? Just what is a cat supposed to do there?  If they absolutely insist on ‘blacktop boondocking’ (as they so cutely like to call it), make sure they park on the outer permitter near GRASS and TREES and BUSHES!

If they park in the middle of an asphalt parking lot, that’s no fun at all. What are you supposed to do with that? Sit in the windshield and watch people push shopping carts?


Tip 2: We need our space

When I first adopted Chris & Cherie, they lived in a 17′ travel trailer.  What on earth was I thinking??  Sure, I fit in a tea cup back then and didn’t take up much space. But I was a growing girl.  And sharing a bathroom with these humans and their nasty grooming habits?

I had to nap in the sink :(

I had to nap in the sink 🙁


No room for cats except in the upper storage bins.

Thank goodness I got it through their thick skulls that this wasn’t going to work. After a 5-month vacation chasing lizards in the Virgin Islands I went to stay with my grand-meow for a couple months while they selected something better for me.

What have I gotten into? Time to rethink this.

What have I gotten into? Time to rethink this.

A 35′ bus is much better.  We have a bigger bed so they can fit in it too, and I have multiple nap nooks. Nap nooks that don’t double as sinks, I might add.

Cat doors!

Oh, and make sure they make ample modifications to your RV so that it is cat friendly.  We need full access to everything, all the time. The best day ever?  When my humans finally put in cat doors and got me my very own desk.

Tip 3: Know Your RV’s Weak Spots

These humans, they sleep on the job sometimes and get distracted with other things. Investigate your RV for every possible way to get your human’s attention.

Three wolves howling? They have nothing on the havoc one cat can do in an RV!

Three wolves howling? They have nothing on the havoc one cat can do in an RV!

In my RV, we have these fancy pleated mini blinds. They’re metal.  When my humans are sleeping instead of dribbling fresh water unto my tongue, I just gently tug on the blinds to make the most amount of noise possible to wake them out of slumber and get on the job already.

Oh, and campground maps? Almost every campground issues your humans one.  If they leave them out, try ripping it to shreds in the middle of the night. Nothing gets your humans out of bed quicker when they think you’re destroying something they might need – like the WiFi password.

Oh, and speaking of the internet thing. If you really really need to get their attention – know where the fountain of internet is in your RV. If I really have to, I resort to breaking into the tech cabinet and start randomly disconnecting cables.

Knock them offline, and they are all yours!

Love my cat-nomadic life!

Love my cat-nomadic life!

I’m sure I could go on and on. But I’m a cat, and it’s time for my nap. Or a treat. Or something.

Thank you to all you wonderful blog readers who have followed my cat adventures on the road as I tug these humans all over the country.


We’ve come a long way! These humans might get it right someday.

Humans, if you want some really good advice on how to make sure your cat has the absolute most well attended to travel experience ever – make sure you read my minion Nina’s blog post on ‘5 Tips for RVing & Camping with Cats‘.


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  1. Kiki? You have been too quiet for too long! Please let us know what you are up to!
    Spenser and Marlowe
    P.S. we are orange.

  2. Great job, Kiki! I’m owned by a 7 week old kitty as well and she wants to take us on the road. Can you share your childhood experiences? When and how you started walking on a leash? DId yu go outside at all? How did all of it start for you?

  3. That article was so cute and you really think like a cat. I laughed and laughed. Those are the kinds of articles that make my day and I am sure many others as well. Keep writing and enjoying your travels. I thought I would be out there this year too, but got to get rid of this house. So far no luck. Until then, I will continue reading your good articles. Thanks for the entertainment. LOLOL

  4. Kiki, could you convince my husband we need a travel cat? Our previous cat was 18 years old, and I really miss her little self…

  5. Kiki, you sure know how to navigate your humans to the best locales for your critter-chasing pleasure. Just ask our local chipmunks. ; )

  6. Sassy : “…cats rule and dogs drool”

    added two more pics for my desktop , thanks
    i look forward to having another Snowshoe Siamese some day
    Minnie made it to 21 , still miss her

  7. As usual you are the very epitome of cat, a shining example to cats everywhere as well as an eloquent and stunning writer. We will implement changes to our humans immediately. We bow to your queenly presence.

    Taggart & Rand

    • You’ve done a great job training your humans T&R.. we have much to continue learning from each other however. Like, I totally need mine to pamper me further like yours do.

    • As kittens should. Welcome to your new ruler, and may you take her on many awesome adventures. Remember.. bushes. Bushes, that’s where the entertainment is.

  8. Clearly there are feline forces at work behind the humans of Technomadia – as if they could come up with that brilliance on their own! Always good to see a post from you Kiki, and to know you continue to have things under control in your rolling cat-castle 🙂

  9. I hope this doesn’t give my dog any new ideas. As her chauffeur, I can tell you she knows too much already!

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