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Yo – Where’s the Lizards, Montana?

Big skies, lots of open lands and pretty stuff. That’s what Montana is supposed to be right? A cat should be so happy here! I should be out chasing buffalo or rounding up cattle.

We’ve now been in Montana for almost a month, and I have to say – I’m not impressed.

My view all day is of big trucks coming and going.  My walks in the evening are all on asphalt and avoiding pools of oil. I can’t even stay outside on my own in the evenings, because a tow truck might run me over.


I’ve not munched on a blade of grass or enjoyed the shade of a tree in weeks!

My people are so busy reading old books about engines, and taking pictures of shafts, sleeves and gears. They debate things like N65 versus N70 – like, that matters??

Meanwhile, I’ve not stalked a bird, lizard or rodent.

I’m going stir crazy! There’s only so many cat naps I can take.

What’s a cat to do???

Please.. someone. You have to have some spare lizards laying around you could send me??

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  1. Come on Kiki. You are trying to find lizards in Montana? Are you picky? Mice are the choice for us Montana cats. If you are so set on lizards, you should tell your parents to send away for frozen ones from Florida. With the money they’re saving from not paying sales tax on parts and labor, they should be able to buy you only the very best. Just saying. Taz

  2. Hi Kiki, from Tikita, Astrid and. Carmella. We are in the hottest place in the country right now and we are fortunate that our servants, Jim and Wendy, turn on the AC once a day or so that we can rouse ourselves enough to eat and get some lap time. And Montana is truly wonderful.

  3. Too bad you didn’t make it to Oregon yet, there are hundreds of tiny frogs as well as squirels and rabbits here at Frog Lake. No lizards though, and it has been a while since I’ve seen deer in the campground.

  4. Kiki,

    I’m Spot, also an rving cat like you…

    I was in Billings last month during our travels and I felt the same way you do! Billings had nothing to offer an rv cat like me. Felt like I was camping in Chicago or something….

    However, our rv is spending the summer in Glacier National Park, where we used to live all of the time (I’m a Montana cat…was born in northwest MT). Now THIS is the rv life. Peace and quiet for my 22 hour daily naps, plenty of wildlife to chase, cool evenings perfect for hunting (though my bowl is full of the only food I enjoy, Classic Chicken Fancy Feast…so I don’t do much of that anymore).

    Just pester your owners to keep you entertained – feathery thing on a stick toy and other things like that to help the time pass.

    Hopefully you’ll get out of Billings soon!


  5. Aahhh KIKI mon Cherie…my human Mommy let me paw through your blog this morning. I understand your frustration, but MY Mom wont even LET me outside. Something about baby birds nests, and dead mice..she seems to take offense when I used to drop them at her feet. I have followed your blog since my owners stayed on site 13-Cedar Key. You left your “calling card” and I am now smitten! (Lol) Just say the word and I will try and get to you to spring you from the dull old parking lot. We can chase lizards in the moonlight….. Purrrrrrrrrr meowwwww…got to run, think I feel a hairball coming up to give to my Mommy…Zorro (silver handsome tabby)

  6. Kiki,

    Might we suggest a wonderful(addictive) iPad app, titled “Cat Toys.” Its got mice, spiders, frog,…. Oh wait you’re the one who initially reviewed, recommended, and convinced our human to get it for uz. Meowhahahahaha…

    Mike & Roxie
    The K. Cats

  7. It is amazing that your cat can write, but please help her grammar. It should be Where ARE the Lizards, Montana? rather than Where IS the Lizards, Montana…

    Just saying…..

  8. P.S. I once had a beautiful cat named Kiki (my toddler age sister pronounced “kitty” as Kiki). Pure white with one blue and one green eye. People would lean down to pet her and then look up astonished to see that. We had fun with that.

  9. Kiki,

    I have a cat, too so I understand your frustration. But your humans should be grateful that you do NOT have mice and rats to chase! Here’s to lots more lizards in your future soon.

    Rosemary in PA

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