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Finally – a Bus Project for Cats!

Hey everyone… Kiki here!

My people keep tackling all these bus projects, but they ignore my list of demands!  After a year, I’ve gotten pretty fed up with it.

Here’s my list – I think it’s all reasonable, right?

My Bus Project Demand List (OmniFocus is the task management system of choice for cats.)

Last week, I finally got my own desk!

My grandmeow in St. Louis had gotten me my own scratching post/perch when I was kitten. It’s always stayed at her place for me to sleep and play on when I visit.  I love it so much.

Then she pointed out that we have room in the bus for it, and told my people I really need to take it with me.  Grandmeow’s are awesome, aren’t they?

So here it is, I get to work right along side my people.  And I can turn around and watch things out the window too.  It’s purrfect.. I’m a happy kitty.

Ok, that’s all for now – I’ve got to get back to work. Creating iNaps is tough, you know.



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  1. Love your bus, Kiki! I’m Bagheera. My person lives in a 23′ mini-motorhome. I took a couple of pix to show you my desk and favorite hidey hole. Check your email. :)I love the bus and congrats on the one-year busaversary.

  2. From a Turtle to a Cat – Meow, maw me me meow, meow me maw me meow meow.

    You tell em Kiki. Put that paw down. Where would these peeps be without you anyways?

  3. About time those owners took care of your demands….have you not trained them properly yet? You do look very regal in your cat tree, by the way.

  4. Hi!

    I was given an award over at wordpress for Illuminating Blogger and was asked to pass it on.

    I thought of you guys because you have so much helpful advice for other nomads, how could I not at least attempt to pass it on to you?

    So I do not know if I broke any rules by going outside of wordpress or not, but oh well! 😉

    You can pick up the award at my site if you are interested, and just pass it on to some other bloggers after writing seven things about yourself.

    Thanks again for the blog!

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