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Full Time RVing Workspaces: Kim

chevy universityName: Kim
Occupation: Nursing Professor
RV: 2010 Roadtrek Popular 190
On the Road Since: August 2012.  I’m a Some-Timer who takes months-long roadtrips in my quest to explore our great country.
Workspace Goals: Simplified, simplified, simplified.  In such a small space, I needed a minimalist work space.
My workspace: With just 3 pieces of equipment (laptop, wi-fi device, and a 3-ring notebook) I can work anywhere.  My office space varies depending on my moods and the weather.  I can be comfortable working on the rear electric sofa/bed, up front in the passenger’s seat, or outside (my favorite).
office desk
Kim at Work


This profile is part of the Change Your Office View: Full Time RVing Workstations series – we hope that by sharing what others have been able to create in their RVs will help inspire you as to what is possible to work on the road.

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