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The RVers – TV Show Update: Coming to the Discovery Channel!

Last October we shared with you the exciting news that we signed on to be co-hosts of an upcoming TV show called The RVers, aiming to be broadcast on PBS by the end of 2019.

We were over the moon to be asked to contribute by producer Anthony Nalli of FourPoints Television, along with some awesome fellow RVers.

We shared the news recently with a quick update on production with our YouTube audience, which you can view here:

The enthusiasm for the show has been building and building, and an impressive number of sponsors have come on board to make it happen.

It’s far past time for a bit of a blog update – and there’s some fricken exciting stuff up!

So first… the big news… Discovery Channel!

In addition to being aired on PBS, iTunes, Amazon Prime and others – we learned last week that the DISCOVERY CHANNEL has also picked up the show.


We have been pretty much trying to distract ourselves with anything to keep from spilling the beans before the embargo was lifted this morning and we could share this with you.

Sometime in November the show will begin airing on Saturday mornings on the Discovery Channel.

Just a second. I need to re-read that sentence again to make sure it’s real.

Yup. I read that right.

Our co-hosts were recently together up in British Columbia and filmed this very fun announcement the just debuted on The RVers TV YouTube channel:

Season 1 Cast

The amazing Anthony Nalli – producer and narrator of the show.

The hosts for season 1  (or as the production team calls us – talent or cast) will consist of yours truly, along with Peter & John of The RV Geeks and Tom & Caitlin of Mortons on the Move.

Anthony himself will make some cameos and is the voice of the narrator.

We could not be more honored to be working on this project with these folks.

We have long considered Peter & John dear friends. We truly look forward to finally crossing paths with Tom & Cait sometime. And we’ve come to really adore Anthony and his wife Lisa in the process of working together.

I mean how cool is that we not only get contribute to an amazing project – but we get to create something with people we truly admire, respect and consider friends?

Be sure to follow these guys and their amazing content:

RV Geeks: YouTube Channel  |  Blog  | Instagram

Mortons on the Move: YouTube Channel  |  Blog  | Instagram

Production AHEAD of Schedule!

Filming on the set of Marc & Julie’s (RVLove.com) RV.

Originally FourPoints Television was aiming to have The RVers on the air by end of this year.

We were blown away this spring when they told us they were putting a rush on wrapping up their 8th season of The Avaitors so they could push up production.

Enthusiasm for and interest in the show was that huge!

Most segments have now already been filmed for Season 1.

This is especially impressive, since the production switched early on from filming in 1080p to 4K. Since the production is now focusing on such high quality capture, that means most filming is now beyond the capability of our iPhones.

We were very fortunate to meet up with Anthony and his film crew at RVillage Rally back in March to knock our season 1 segments.

We’ll only be in 3 episodes this first season considering we didn’t have access to an RV this spring. But we’re already ramping up for filming future segments for what is predicted to a long running TV series.

And now that we should have all year round access to our own RV regardless of which coast we’re on, opportunistic filming should be a lot easier.

Currently, The RVers is projected to begin airing on select PBS stations (each local station chooses their own schedule), iTunes, Amazon Prime, Vudo, etc. this Fall. And Saturday mornings on the Discovery Channel!

The exact debut date hasn’t been announced yet.

Pinch Me… Is This is REAL??

Who.. us?? On TV???

Ever since Anthony contacted us back in the Fall to ask if we’d be involved, we’ve been pinching ourselves.

From the first cast meeting with the production team to go over shooting tips to finding ourselves listed in iMDb to being mic’d up for a shoot – each step has been a reality check.

And now… Discovery Channel?!?!!?

Anthony has been an amazing coach through the process of adapting from being hobbyist YouTube content creators to TV show hosts.

And we can absolutely 110% affirm that the show is focused on education about the RV lifestyle and is not anything even remotely ‘reality TV’. This show is not about any of us or our stories, we’re just hosts helping impart knowledge.

And it’s absolutely well done. We’re proud and honored to be involved.

It’s been so exciting and eye opening to see a bit of the behind scenes of what goes on to create this style of content.

While we have no aims to evolve to being pro-level video content creators – we’ve definitely been able to pick up a few tips that we’re applying to our own stuff.

Kiki performing on camera!

We’re also determined to not let this go to our heads, and just continue to be… Chris, Cherie and Kiki (yup, she managed to cute her way in front of the camera in the first episode. We’ve seen the rough cut – and she really steals the show!)

We’re not switching our careers to be TV stars (hah, that would be silly – considering we’re not paid) – but we are bracing for the potential impact this could have on our work and personal lives.

Stay tuned for more announcements coming this summer as we race towards the big launch this fall!

Oh, and pro tip – make your RV campground reservations for the next 10 years.. NOW! This show is going to make RVing even more popular! 

To get the most up to date information:

The RVers: Website   |  Facebook Page  | YouTube Channel

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  1. That is exciting news. I can’t wait to see the show. By the way, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I seem to have trouble finding where to leave a comment on your blog. When I’m reading on my phone I usually give up. Today, after searching a a bit (and being on my laptop) I finally found the comment section.

  2. Congrats! Remember the little people, etc. And please, if you can, list the PBS stations that will be broadcasting your show so we can switch our local channel on the app!

  3. Fantastic news! I look forward to seeing these programs. It is a bit discouraging to know that it is going to get harder and harder to get campground space! As I drive cross country I see these massive, massive lots of RV’s for sale. I have started to see them as “ competition”! I am currently on my RV trip of a lifetime. Currently in Fairbanks Alaska. We left Florida on May 9. Have seen Mt St Helens, the Great Salt Lake, Crater Lake, the Oregon Coast, Vancouver, British Columbia, the Yukon. A reality check for me has been that my RV is powered by a Sprinter van Mercedes engine and there are negligible Mercedes service centers up here! Hoping for the Best! Congrats, again on your upcoming programs!

    • Dennis Martin you are right. We’re hesitant to tell people about our favorite campgrounds because it just means we’ll have a harder time getting reservations. Our South Carolina state parks stay full.

  4. How exciting! I’m so happy for you guys and will definitely be watching. This show can help a lot of people.

  5. That is so cool! I am excited for you guys, RV Geeks, and the Mortons, whom I’ve been following on their new adventure this summer in the truck camper. Can’t wait to see the show!

  6. Super excited for all of you and especially all the viewers who will get to have a little taste of full time RV life!

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