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Leaving Sanford and Cruising Down the St. Johns River

Whew.. lots of recent excitement over adding the Travato to our nomadic fleet this month.

But we still have lots of cruising travel stuff to catch you up on to get us to Georgia!

So lets do the time warp back to March…

Last we left you, we were fighting midges in our beloved Sanford. So after a delightful 4 month stay, it was time to resume cruising and the Great Loop.

Here’s a rather lengthy video at 26 minutes that wraps up the 12-day cruise back to Jacksonville with pretty scenery, new anchorages and a report on the performance of temporary pool noodle mounted solar panel installation:

In order to get us caught up more efficiently, we’ve opted to compress the entirety of the cruise into one video and post.

On our way south, we split the cruise up into 3 detailed segments (North, Middle, South).

This post will be rather lacking in comparative details.

Aside from picking a few new to us anchorages that we missed on the first trip, some fresh green spring growth on the trees, Kiki having her first cat-overboard adventure in alligator infested waters (she’s fine – humans still overprotective) and a batty visitor –  it’s basically the same cruise in reverse.

That’s not to say its boring in any respect – we absolutely love this cruise and the amazing remote anchorages and side creeks to explore. We so wish we had more time to have taken it even slower.

It’s magical and we highly recommend any cruiser take the time to explore the St. Johns River.

But there’s just not really anything new to share that we haven’t already.

So here’s some photos:

St. Johns River (northbound) Stats:

  • Total Cruising Nautical Miles:  134.7
  • Nights on the Trip: 12 (11 anchored out, one at a free dock)
  • Engine Hours: 22.1
  • Generator Hours: 23.7

With our temporary 720w solar panel installation, we reduced our generator hours from an average of 4.3 hours a day to 2.0, as compared from our southbound St. Johns River cruise in October.

Current Update:

We had a month in Jacksonville where we had all 1440w of solar permanently installed, and then cruised another 100 miles north and finally left the state of Florida after 2 years of cruising on Y-Not.

We just wrapped up a month in Brunswick, GA – and are now putzing our way along north.

It’s been dreadfully unseasonably hot with temps reaching into the 100s (which may account for my lack of energy to expand this post any further). There are downsides to this slooper pace and not following the weather.

We have no idea where we our next major stop will be – but we’ll continue to enjoy checking out small coastal towns until the next one captivates us for a spell (or we give in for unlimited air conditioning).

Hurricane season is of course soon upon us, and we’re now out of Florida. But that in no way exempts us from participating this year.  The entire east coast and gulf coast is at risk. Who knows, we may find safe(r) storage later this summer and return to RVing. Or not.

We’ve really given up on this ‘planning’ thing.

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  1. Finally found your comment section…. Glad to hear kitty is safe and sound. That would be my biggest fear. Hopefully you will stay out of the hurricanes this year. I’ll bet a few people were surprised to see such a big boat coming at the on that river.

  2. Loved the video, and the blog. Your adventures and sight suggestions and being noted and we are starting our mini journeys on our boat.

  3. Enjoyed your recent video. You both look relaxed, healthy and happy. I had no idea there was so much to explore. I did not even know the St. Johns River existed. Thank you for taking me along on your adventures.
    Love the image of Kiki observing the birds. Take care and be well.

  4. Great still photos. I love looking at them after I have read your post. I hope the weather breaks. It is unseasonable, naturally, in your case you have certainly had bad breaks at times with the weather.

  5. I love that you have given up on the “planning thing!!! LOL, do you give lessons in that part of this nomadic life?? Just kidding, some of us just have to admit our personalities are not ones who can give up on it entirely.
    Looking forward to hearing about the next location that unexpectedly enchants you!

  6. Always follow your blogs/videos and look forward to the next one. Really excited to see about your next adventures north of Florida. we are wanting to do the loop eventually also, but being Canadian and the current exchange rates of around CDN $1.38 to US $1.00 leaves it out of our financial capabilities for now. Hoping to do a Canadian portion next year with our Sea Ray 240 Sundancer. Not quite the vessel we had in mind for the Loop, but need to keep the dream alive.

    Keep up the great work,


    • We are so looking forward to cruising up in Canada! Wish there weren’t so many miles to get there… or we’d be there already. Enjoy the cruising wherever and however you can make it happen.

  7. I just watched the video, wonderful imagery and narrative. Loved the Time Warp approach to getting caught up. Whatever you do next, where ever you go,it’s always fun following your adventures.
    (and Kiki is so sweet)

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