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Why Yes – You Can have Scenic Views AND Great Internet

A few weeks ago in the Internet for RVers & Cruisers group we host on Facebook – we had a member make the claim that it’s impossible to really be on the road visiting cool locations AND get enough mobile internet to stream video.

We beg to differ – it’s completely possible if it’s enough of a priority for you to invest in the plans & gear to make it happen, and route your travels around connectivity.

We asked other group members to post photos of places they’ve stayed with great views and great internet. There were some pretty amazing photos shared – you can view them all here (and feel free to add your own!)

As we make the final polishing round on our 5th Edition of The Mobile Internet Handbook – I thought it would be fun to share some photos of amazing places we’ve had great internet and great views over the years.

Here goes:

Saddle Mountain BLM – Plentiful signal, free boondocking and gorgeous views. We hung out here for 2 weeks working on the 2016 Edition of The Mobile Internet Handbook.

Black Bear Winery in Chenego Forks, NY (Harvest Hosts stay) – rocking Verizon for streaming after sampling some fine fruit wines and ciders.

Scaroon Manor State Park in the Adirondacks of NY (an all time favorite spot!) – had to do some advanced signal enhancing with directional antennas to get great download speeds on Verizon and upload on T-Mobile. But did it! We even streamed ‘Marjorie Morning Star’ – a movie filmed at this exact location in the 60s with Gene Kelly – featuring a bus like ours no less. We loved it so much, we stayed here nearly 2 weeks.

Gamble Rogers State Park – Florida. Plenty of bandwidth to stream, but no desire to with that view!

McDowell Mountain Regional Park – Scotsdale, AZ (2013 – fabulous AT&T and Verizon signal, no booster needed).

Tuttle Creek Campground – Lone Pine, CA (base of Mt. Whitney). Rocking Verizon and AT&T. (2015)

Borrego Springs, CA – workable Verizon and AT&T with an antenna. Enough to stream Netflix and work online for 3 weeks of glorious free boondocking & community.

Lake Meredith Recreational Area – north of Amarillo, TX. Stellar signal/speeds on all four major carriers.. and free boondocking. This is the definition of the Technomad Trifecta (free, scenic, bandwidth). Our first year on the road together in our T@b trailer (2007).

Returning to Lake Meredith Recreational Area years later in our bus – north of Amarillo, TX. Stellar signal/speeds on all four major carriers.. and free boondocking. This is the definition of the Technomad Trifecta (free, scenic, bandwidth)

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta (2015). It doesn’t get much cooler than that! Horrible signal during launch times.. but rest of the day, a-ok on all four carriers.

Cochiti Lake, New Mexico (COE park). Stayed 14 days in relative privacy and great views. Streamed all three Back to the Future episodes on 10/18/2015 over Verizon and/or AT&T.

Volcanic Tablelands overlooking Bishop, CA (free boondocking). Had fabulous signal, but skipped the video streaming to socialize with friends. 2014.

Trona Pinacles, California (2014). Other worldly spot down an 8 mile dirt road, but with blazing fast rocking Verizon signal that needs no signal enhancing. Did a live cast video presentation from here one evening.

Homer, AK – Summer 2015 in our rental RV to explore Alaska by while the bus was being renovated. Plenty of cellular bandwidth to do a live video cast from here.

Pedernales State Park – Fredericksburg, TX. Off the beaten path, heavily wooded and very hilly. But we were able to stream our heart’s content anyway.

Picachu State Park outside Tucson, AZ – lovely surroundings, great sites and rocking Verizon & AT&T.

American Girl Mine BLM Boondocking outside Yuma, AZ – super speedy Verizon and AT&T. Lots of streaming went down here while we worked on the 2015 Edition of The Mobile Internet Handbook.

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge, south of Blythe, CA – pretty much had an entire Verizon and AT&T tower to ourselves. (Did I mention, free boondocking too?)

Darby Wells BLM on the outskirts of Ajo, AZ. Tricky signal, but got it streamable – in fact, we did an outdoor movie night projecting ‘Night of the Lepus’ on the side of our bus (movie was filmed in this area.)

US Coach in Vineland, NJ – Vintage Bus speciality shop. We happen to think it’s pretty cool to camp over the pit next to other vintage beauties! Had to get an antenna outside the metal walls, but once we did – stream away!

The campground at Capitol Reef was full, so we found this spot on the National Forest just outside the west gate with an amazing overlook! (2010) Bonus – AT&T cell signal from nearby Torrey too using our Wilson Booster!

Steamboat Creek Anchorage – north of Key Largo FL. Isolated feel, but plentiful bandwidth to live cast from.

Molasses Key – Marathon, FL – Lovely anchorage near big cell towers.

Cape Sable – Everglades National Park. Notorious for bad signal, but no problems with our high gain antenna and AT&T service. Mostly used it it track the weather that night.

Our resource center of mobile internet information for RVers, cruisers & nomads.


Want to learn more about how to keep connected while enjoying views like these? It’s our passion and honor to help our nomadic community achieve abundant bandwidth!

And of course, we’ll have the completely updated and re-written 5th Edition of The Mobile Internet Handbook out by the end of the month, which will complement our ever expanding library of guides, reviews, videos and information on the Mobile Internet Resource Center.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these!!! Where exactly did you boondock in Lake Meredith National Rec Area? We’re planning a trip to Texas soon to begin using Escapees.

  2. Great post and thanks for sharing. I think things have vastly improved in even the last 3 years and believe they will continue to improve. We still check our coverage (using your app) prior to staying in places for long stretches but with boosters we rarely are without a signal. Even if it’s spotty we can usually move on down the road a bit and it is fine. Again thanks for sharing and loved seeing those beautiful pictures!

  3. Awesome sites, thanks for sharing! Adding a few to our list when we hit the road in August. Sadly, though, the beautiful site atop Volcanic Tablelands has been pinched off with large boulders making it nearly impossible to get a large rig in there. We visited the Bishop area the week after Christmas and had hoped to park our 32′ TT exactly where you were but glad we scoped it out before hand. Fabulous views and great cell but stupid CA blocked a lot of access off up top. Guess a few ruined it for the rest of us.

  4. Because of you guys we’ve been able to boondock in some of the most amazing places! This spot just outside the west side of Yellowstone is a good example, green, views of the mountains, fabulous trails, met amazing people some even with llamas, great internet with the booster etc. Wish I could post a picture but Google maps will show how far off the beaten track we were. When you can be in a place like that, run your company of 20+ staff (who are all over the USA and the world) you know you’re living the dream. Thanx guys for helping make it all possible. 44°40’08.7″N 111°18’56.7″W

  5. Awesome spots! Thanks for sharing. And we agree on the powerful signal at Volcanic Tablelands overlooking Bishop, CA but unfortunately that spot has been blocked off so getting a large rig in there is nearly impossible now. We visited Bishop the week after Christmas 2017 and scoped out Volcanic Tablelands before dragging our 32′ TT up there and good thing as it would have been ugly trying to turn around. Very sad as the views were just stunning up there!

  6. 8 years on the road all over the country. Verizon 4G with mobile hotspot on the phone and only two places with just 3G Verde Valley Thousand Trails down the hill, hill top is fine for 4G and Green Mountain Thousand Trails in the new section nestled in between the hills which had 3G. The only place with no Verizon signal was Flamingo in the Everglades National Park. ATT was there. Most of the Thousand Trails parks are well off the beaten path and have excellent Verizon coverage. Only mountains interfere with signal. So to all who want the free life of full time travel, just get Verizon and get the mobile hotspot on your phone. ATT is OK in the east but not very good west of the Mississippi. All the rest are not going to work in other than near cities.

  7. Glad to see the Balloon Fiesta on your list. Chris is almost pointing to the balloon my hubby and I crew for, the blue and white strip with red bottom almost in the middle of the pic. I think Mark went by to say hello while you were there. Love to see you back again one day!

  8. Without knowing what the person making the comment about boondocking and not getting good internet access, I don’t know if this person was a fulltimer. A fulltimer who is making a living or least a good income supplement, needs and will pay for the gadgetry necessary to meet their needs. In fariness an individual who uses an RV for pleasure, even those who travel frequently or for long trips may not feel it worthwhile to spend as much money for something that’s nice but not necessary to their lifestyle. That said, I agree that having at least some internet access is almost essential in today’s world, but “some” access may be slow and frustrating but at least it’s there. It’s when there is none that I find myself slipping into something similar to drug withdrawal!

    • This individual claimed to be a full timer for over a year. But regardless, his claim was that it was impossible to be in cool locations with great internet.

      But true, it does have to be enough of a priority to invest in options that get you online AND route your travels to locations with good odds of getting online with the options you chose to carry.

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