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Off to the Escapade! (Tucson, AZ – March 8-13)

Tomorrow morning we’ll pull into the Pima County Fairgrounds, starting our adventures at the Escapee’s 55th Annual Escapade in Tucson.

Whew. It’s been some very hectic weeks for us leading up to this to prepare. So much had to get done, including getting the re-write of The Mobile Internet Handbook for 2015 completed in time to have print copies meet us at the event.

We’ve also caught up on a lot of content here on the blog and YouTube (we just posted our monthly video travelogue for February), and finished preparing 3 different presentations we’re giving at Escapade.

Preparing our presentations and handouts!

Preparing our presentations and handouts!

It will be a fun week ahead for sure! We’re looking forward to meeting up with old friends and making new ones.

We’re also excited to be making our speaking debut at an RV rally. Yes, we’ve presented many times before – and I know we’ll rock it, but we’ve never been a scheduled presenter (we usually just show up and wing it.)

If you find yourself in the Tucson area this week, Wednesday the 11th is free community day – and it also happens to be the day we’re presenting.

So stop on by, check out an Escapade and come catch some great content.

  • 10a – The High Tech Nomad
  • 11:30a – Beyond Work Camping – Income on the Road
  • 3:00p – Social Media to Enhance a Mobile Lifestyle
  • 4:30p – Happy Hour!

If you’ll too be roaming around the fairgrounds, we hope to bump into you. If you’re looking for us, we’ll be stopping by the Escapee’s main booth in the vendor area quite a bit, so that’s a good place to check. We’ll also have the print edition of the book available for sale there.

We’re super excited for some exciting things we know are coming this week ahead too 😉  We’ll be sure to share soon.


In the meantime .. it may be a bit quiet around these blog parts, as I’m not sure if I’ll find time for writing up posts. For sure, we’ll be sending photos of the event over Instagram and cross posting to our Facebook page.

We’ll see ya back on the blog in a bit, and catch you up on where we’ve been these past couple weeks, and fill you in on the Escapade excitement.

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What’s Post-Escapade?

After Escapade, we’ll be hanging around the Tucson area to catch up on some sleep and hang out with some RVing buddies passing through town. And then, once rested up, we’ll be booking it to Austin for The Wireless Generation screening.

It’ll be totally weird to cover 900 miles in 2 weeks, when we’ve not done that many miles in the past 3 months combined!

And we still have no clue what we’ll be doing after Austin. But we’re considering a few interesting options.

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  1. Hi Cherie!
    I hope your presentations went well and you had lots of nice feedback. It was great to meet you and Chris at Picacho Peak and share some time with you. Looking forward to the next get together whenever or where ever that may be. Have fun in Austin. If you are looking for a great seafood restaurant don’t miss Perlas on S. Congress. Eat out under the wonderful live oaks…

  2. Have fun and you’ll ROCK your presentations for sure! We in blogland will patiently await the report on how things go – in the meantime – go be free and speak easy!

  3. U betcha. I have been in tucson area last 2 months and hope to stop by and finally meet you guys and Nina and Paul in the late afternoon. Am MIA member and longtime blog reader. Full timer too. Have fun this week.

    • Can’t wait to meet you too, Kent! However, sorry to disappoint.. our buddies Nina & Paul are in San Diego at present time, and won’t be here (unless they’re planning some epic surprise visit.)

  4. Looking forward to seeing you both in Tucson. We will be rolling in with the company show vehicle on Monday morning. See you soon! Jeff and Deb (from soup anarky) 😃

  5. Scheduling you two on the agenda really ups the chance that Escapees are moving forward and broadening their demographic. There’s never been much interest for us, but your participation is encouraging. Have a great time!!

  6. Wish I could go to Escapade. This is the year to do it! I hope you have a wonderful turnout and that they gave you a big enough seminar room. 🙂

    • Blush.. thanks for the words of encouragement! We’ve only been here a few hours, and it’s already inspiring how many people are here early.

      The Vermont Escapade in summer 2016 seems like a great event shaping up too.

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