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Hurricane Irma & The Keys in a Boat Update: Escape by Land or Sea?

We know many are still dealing with the aftermath of Harvey – but we are now dealing with preparing for our own hurricane.

Yup, we are in Marathon, Florida – the Keys. We’ve been closely watching Irma since she was a little invest off the coast of Africa and up until now, most projections had the Keys with just possible tropical storm conditions.

But this morning’s projections now have us as a bullseye of a Cat 3 or 4 hurricane.

We’re still several days out, and things can change – but if we’re going to execute one of our options – time is ticking.

Our two top options are:

  • Secure the boat in Marathon as best we can, and escape by land. We have access to a truck to pack things up and evacuate on our own schedule (thanks Randy!). We could even possibly pick up the bus in Melbourne and get out of Florida all together if conditions warrant it. Preps for securing are in progress so we keep that option open.
  • Setting sail soon (tomorrow morning) for Marco Island / Ft. Myers and potentially the Okeechobee Waterway, which was our original intentions if Irma started shifting more our way. However, models have drastically shifted towards the west with probability increasing for a west coast strike too – so we have to carefully consider if this actually buys us any additional safety (maybe time?). It’s a good 2 day cruise at our speed back to where we left in early August.

It’s all a gamble. And as boating newbies, we do not feel confident to ride out the storm onboard. We’re looking for the options that keeps US the safest first.

Here’s a quick in the moment video update:

We knew this was a risk when we made the decision to stick in Florida during hurricane season –  not that we had too many alternate options.

We are of course asking for your well wishes, and sending ours to all impacted too. We are also encouraging all to stand facing south and east and BLOW REALLY HARD. It may not do anything… but it can’t hurt, right?

What we are not asking for is “suggestions” or opinions on what we should do, or what you would do – no matter how well meaning they are. We can’t afford to second guess ourselves right now, and nor do we have the time to argue or explain the data points we’re working with, many of which we just don’t have time to document in a short update like this.

We are already processing a lot of data, have a lot of preps to get done and have trusted experienced folks we’re in touch with.

Note: We have shut off comments.. too many folks ignoring our request.

However, if you do have resources to offer us (we have no idea what those would be – a house to evacuate to? A magical air lift? a safe harbour? ability to control the weather,  help out in person?) – please do be in touch.

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