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Hurricane Irma Evacuation Update: We Escaped Florida!


Just a quick update ..  this morning, as anticipated, our location in Ponce de Leon, FL was issued Tropical Storm Warnings as Irma started shifting more westward.

The 8pm track this evening.

Getting further west was prudent. We considered several options, including some kind offers along the way to driveway surf (thank you!).

We opted to head to the Escapee’s Rainbow Plantation park in Summerdale, AL.  It was well out of the (current) impact zone, had availability and we would be amongst our RV community. We are predicted to have 30-40 mph wind gusts on Monday – we can handle that.

We arrived and got settled in this afternoon after an uneventful 2-ish hour drive along I-10 (no traffic). It was about all we could safely bear for driving without more sleep and recuperation.

Barring no further course changes that impacts this area further, we plan to stick it out here. If things change, we’ll of course continue on.

Rest, nourishment and letting emotions flow is much needed however – we’re on Day 6 of active evacuation pursuit. As is some nesting to get the bus back to livable (instead of living in “suitcase” mode).

Not that we can really sleep well as the winds are picking up in the Keys (and thus Y-Not) as Irma makes her way to Florida.

Yes, we left a security camera running that we’re monitoring (and no, we can’t easily share it, not that I’m sure we would). Winds are gusting to 60+ mph now there, lines are holding but shore power seems to be out. Things will just get worse over the next 24-36 hours.

It’s going to be a long weekend. And we so appreciate you being with us in spirit through this.

Here’s an archive of a live video cast we hosted this evening with an update if you wish to catch-up with  more.

Our thoughts and hearts are with everyone impacted by this storm this weekend, and we of course deeply appreciate your continued safe wishes for our little crew.

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  1. So glad you had the resources and smarts to get clear. Hugs to you both. I know that Y-Not floats and I hope that when you finally can get back that you find minimal damage and can rest safe whether in your bus or boat. Hugs.

  2. So relieved you are safe and out of harms way. I can’t imagine how it must have felt to leave Y-Knot behind but you made a wise decision.

    Wow, you are really starting the GL with a bang…

  3. Glad you’ ve been able to come to rest and be around like minded people. That’s an awful long haul of road. Best wishes guys, hang tough.

  4. We are so happy to see you three are safe and are keeping our fingers crossed for Y-Not. Our Cuban friends report that the actual effects of Irma (in their neighborhood) were far less than what they had been warned to expect so maybe that will be true for Marathon as well.

  5. Thoughts are with you. Can’t imagine your emotions seeing the eye just around the Keys. My partner’s parents evacuated east of you to a campground in Milton but Irma keeps heading westerly like its following you all. Ugh.

  6. Hello,
    My husband and I have our boat moored in Marathon harbor now. We were very lucky to get a mooring ball on Tuesday September 5th. We passed by your boat entering the harbor Wednesday to secure our boat, Semper Fi. We have watched your videos for the last few weeks and I recognized your boat. Funny, because we moved our boat from Ft Myers July 29th to a marina in Marathon. Who would ever guess a monster storm would come to Florida. So today September 10 we are watching the hurricane coverage from our home near Charleston SC. We had a 20 hour drive from Marathon Wednesday arriving home Thursday. We napped with the hundreds of evacuees in rest stops along the way. Quite an experience.
    So glad you got out of there. We know people who have stayed in the Keys to ride the storm out. We also have family in the path of the storm along the west coast area.
    I just wanted to say hello. If our boats survive maybe we will meet you both someday.
    Praying for all in Florida to survive and be safe,
    God Bless you,

  7. Don’t know what to say (sure wish I had magic powers to teleport Why Not to a safe place.) But all the important sentient beings and other important stuff are safe in Alabama so that’s good (who’d of thought those words would ever be in the same sentence?) When you’re up to it and looking for a little “break” do take a trip to Fairhope and enjoy a restful couple of hours in a cute little southern town with a quirky history and have a nice meal at the R Bistro and Pastry, we enjoyed it.

  8. Sit tight and now it will be what it be. So glad you are among the RV community that you know and knows you. That makes all the difference. Soak in their love and support.

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