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RVing with Cats

Hey everyone – Kiki here.  Chris and Cherie are super busy this week attending the Escapee’s Escapade in Vermont. They told me if I get bored while they’re attending seminars and talking to people, that I should do something useful.

So I thought some of you might like to know about RVing with Cats.

They hosted a live video cast last week, and have posted the archive video here:

They covered topics including:

  • Why Cats Rule (and Dogs Drool)
  • Transitioning an existing cat to RVing (including leash training)
  • Getting a new cat while you’re already on the road (like my people did with me)
  • Staying in campgrounds with cats
  • Keeping a cat safe & comfortable in an RV
  • Travel days – cats in motion
  • Leaving cats behind in the RV while you go do human things
  • And vet care on the road

Honestly, I kinda napped through it – so I didn’t pay too close of attention about what they yammered on about (or else I’d try to type it all up for you.. maybe they’ll come back later and fill in more information?)

If you’re considering RVing with a Cat, it’s important you watch, because they shared some important stuff that I’ve worked very hard on training them on.

And when you’re done with that, you should let your cats read my important post about putting up with humans in an RV:

RVing with Humans  – My 3 Tips

Have fun!

PS. If you’re at Escapade and see Chris & Cherie out and about – could you tell them to come home and feed the cat??

Verizon Unlimited Data Plan?

Oh, and I should mention.. if you have a Verizon Unlimited Data Plan, you need to be aware of what is going on right now. Verizon is apparently starting to crack down on high bandwidth customers and terminating accounts. I imagine that’s just about as scary as me learning my robotic feeder is out of food.

My people have been SUPER busy lately tracking the story and advising their members.

You can read all of the latest information in their article at:


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  1. Getting a new cat while you’re already on the road….

    I’m getting on the road in about a years time. I would prefer a cat, but would settle for a small dog. How do you introduce a cat to the road? Thanks!!

  2. We sold our house suddenly and have been full-time for a year now. We had two 11 y/o cats who were indoor/outdoor with their own access door back home. I bought Kitty Holster harnesses for them and leashes. But they are Houdinis no matter how tight I fasten it and we have spent several heart stopping hours trying to get them back after they were spooked and wriggled out. Please give us info on what type of harness you use. We need one that they can’t get their elbows under to back out of — they will only be out when we are with them. In the meantime they are forced to be indoor only cats. In concession we have invented a cat balcony that easily attaches to the driver side window of our 35′ Damon Challenger MH. The last addition was a plexiglass roof over the balcony. They spend hours out there now napping, watching the neighborhood and our popular bird feeders. Would attach pics of the balcony if I could. Happy to share them if you contact me.
    Have a cat tent, but they aren’t too impressed — need more times to try it.
    Haven’t done any boondocking yet for various reasons so we are able to have several pet heating pads in various places and they love them.
    We were using flushable Swheat Scoop litter at home and have continued using/flushing it in the RV. When we dump the black tank we fill and flush it several times. No problems this whole year. We have a ‘Y’ connector on the shore water faucet and keep the rinse hose attached and can flush the tank by flipping the levers on the ‘Y’. So much better than hooking and unhooking the shore water.
    We tried letting the cats ride free, but one especially gets scared and peed and pooped in unknown places while in motion. They have also have tried to explore the sliders. Now they ride in the pet carrier and the cat balcony (which fits on the dinette seat with the cushions removed). We put adult disposable underpads in the carriers and if they have an accident we can just fold it all inside and put it in the garbage. Now if they could just be told to use the litter box before we start out!! We originally tried Stud Pants on them, but in addition to hating them, their volume of pee overflows and poops fall out. Will pass ours on to anyone who has had success with them and needs more.

    • Thanks for sharing.

      Kiki can actually slip her harness anytime she likes (which we like, we want her to be able to escape danger if needed). She basically humors us by keeping it on.

  3. Interesting, enjoyed watching 🙂 We full time with 4 cats and and they travel in the trailer because there is no room in the truck for them. We have a 60lb dog too and she has to be in the truck. They dont seem to have any problem with it. In a perfect world I would have an SUV where they could have their litter box and not have to be in the TT. But since we dont they will continue to travel in the trailer. They dont go outside though. Still working on the leash but none of them have taken to it very well at all and we have tried for years so hehe they stay inside and all have their window spots 🙂

  4. You are both so amazing and smart !
    Your way of sharing the details of your RVing life is lovely to read and watch, so
    efficiently described, makes learning a treat. Lol
    The care and love you both share for Kiki is very evident and I enjoyed
    all of this cat episode immensely! Thank you

  5. We are sorry that we missed your live cast on cats, we caught the replay though and really enjoyed learning a few new things that will help us rv with our cat Micky. He loves to travel in the motorhome so moving in a larger than normal cat carrier has never been an issue but we did not know about cats resistance to rattle snake bites and we were also unaware that adding some water to wet cat food was a great ploy for keeping a kitty hydrated. He seems to have an aversion to drinking water but always laps up any wet food liquid before eating the meat. Great show and really appreciated!

  6. Hello my friends. I whent to Burlington last saturday to see you in person…..finely ,but they refused to let me in pretending that all the poeple who were attended were not all arrived yet.
    My friend and i finely went down to lake George for 3 days.
    To bad. They, at the gate , told us that you were not arrived yet at 10 am saturday. Disapointed a little……but are planing to go to Montréal soon ?
    If not,see you one of these day…….

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