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The Mobile Internet Handbook – Revised and Refreshed for 2015!


After several weeks of hard work, we’ve just completed a refresh of The Mobile Internet Handbook for 2015!

It’s amazing how much has changed in just 6 short months since we came out with the 2014 Edition.

The Mobile Internet Handbook - 2015 US RVers Edition

The Mobile Internet Handbook – 2015 US RVers Edition

Things in the mobile internet world seem to never slow down. The 2014 edition hadn’t even been out for 2 months, and several major changes in the industry had occurred. 2014 ended with a new mobile internet landscape – and we rose to the challenge of keeping up with it all through our new premium membership service and resource center.

Competition between the carriers has increased, new offers and plans have emerged, and new technologies have come to market. Further disruption came when our former top cellular recommendation for heavy data users, Millenicom, vanished from the scene in October.

Meanwhile, Verizon made a major policy changes concerning obtaining and keeping grandfathered unlimited plans. And more recently, some carriers added in long wished for features, like rollover data.

Thanks to the magic of modern publishing, we have been able to dive back into the book to create a refreshed 2015 edition – incorporating all the latest information, options, and recommendations. We also took the opportunity to go back and polish the entire book from cover to cover – with enhancements and updates throughout.

If you have already read the 2nd edition – much will be familiar. This is not an epic rewrite and expansion like last year. But whether you skimmed or devoured the 2014 edition, you are certain to learn a thing or two this year.

The Mobile Internet Handbook – 2015 US RVers Edition
Now available in PDF, Kindle, iBooks and Print
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Through the end of February, we have the book discounted to just $6.99 for eBook formats, and $16.99 for print. We’re holding this launch sale so that those who did purchase a previous copy can snag an update if they desire.

We’ll return the book to regular pricing in March ($9.99/$19.99).


Mobile Internet Aficionado Memberships
Last Chance for Introductory Pricing – $47/year

MIA-final_FullColor webWhen we launched the 2014 Edition of the book, we also launched a premium membership service that provides a Q&A forum, in-depth newsletter, and more extensive content on our RV Mobile Internet Resource Center (such as product reviews and guides).

We’ve been overjoyed with how successful the program has been, and we’re thrilled every day to be helping our fellow RVers navigate through this maze of technology.

With the launch of the 2015 Edition, we’ve added a new perk for members – FREE PDF book updates!

All of our Mobile Internet Aficionado (MIA) members can now download the current edition, plus any future editions that are published during their enrollment, at no extra charge.

It’s also time to officially end the introductory pricing.

When we launched, we literally pulled a number out of the air and had no clue what benefits we’d actually offer. The resources and content provided has grown, and continues to grow – and we have gotten a lot of feedback that the MIA membership has proven to be a bargain.

On Monday morning, the introductory price will be over – and the membership will increase to $57/year.

So if you’ve been on the fence about joining, now’s a great time to join at the previous $47/year rate AND get the new book update for free!

New Membership Levels

We’re also introducing two brand new membership levels for those who don’t need all of the benefits of the MIA.

  • Supporter: For $19/year, this is a great way to support the Resource Center. It helps us fund writing content like news articles, analysis, and answering questions in our public discussion group. With our gratitude for your support, this membership level turns off 3rd party advertising throughout the RVMobileInternet.com site.
  • Informed: For $39/year, you get access to all of our member-only written content (product reviews, guides, and more) and you get a subscription to our regular member only newsletter – which is far more in-depth and timely than our free monthly newsletter. This level does not include the book updates, access to the MIA forums and webinars, or the prestige of being able to call yourself an Aficionado.

For more information on our membership options, and to join:
Go to RVMobileInternet.com/Membership

Mobile. Connected.
T-Shirts Available For a Limited Time!

We’re also re-opening the T-shirt shop!

If you missed the first round of Mobile. Connected. T-shirts, you can get your order in now. The shop will collect orders until March 10, then the shirts will be printed (so we all benefit from the bulk pricing) and shipped directly to you.


The shirt is designed to be a proclamation of you being Mobile & Connected.. not marketing for the book or website or group.

We hate wearing logo/marketing shirts ourselves, so why would we want you to? As such, there is no URL or promotional branding of any sort. Just the nifty ‘road to infinity wireless’ symbol and the words… Mobile. Connected.

Little logo on front, big logo on the back. Available in multiple colors, and in ladies and gents cuts.

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After March 10th, the shirts will no longer be available – so don’t miss out.

And finally…  Thank you everyone!

The amount of support we have gotten around producing this book and launching the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center has been phenomenal – and that support makes it possible for us to dedicate time to writing and researching and staying on top of all things mobile internet related.

Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU!

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