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Meet my new Friend!

One of my many friends at Cape Blanco!

One of my many friends at Cape Blanco!

I was way too busy at Cape Blanco to blog. That place is a cat’s dream come true.

As soon as we pulled in a shrew literally landed in my mouth! And the fun never stopped.

Bunny rabbits, mices, birds and more all came to visit me!

Lots of grass and bushes to play in. If it wasn’t for my darn people working at the lighthouse a few hours a day, I could have spent my entire time outside playing!

And then I was harshly taken away, and it’s not been the same since.

17 days in a gravel lot in Sacramento is pretty boring for a cat like me. I hate walking on gravel, it hurts my paws. There’s nothing to chase, and I even resorted to frolicking in a DOG PARK just to see grass?!?

Oh goodness. So humiliating.

This is so not happening.

This is so not happening.

But was even more humiliating?? Chris brought home a TEDDY BEAR from his storage unit!

And he wanted me to snuggle with it??


Woah buddy.. back off.

Woah buddy.. back off.

That darn bear wouldn’t leave me alone. I’d go to my secret hiding spots, and it would be waiting for me.

Ok, you caught me snuggling with the bear.

Ok, you caught me snuggling with the bear.

But you know what, it’s kinda grown on me.

I guess it was just a little too desperate for attention after being sprung from 7-years of isolation. It is a good snuggle buddy and we’re getting along ok.

I think I’ll let it share my bus, and not rip it to shreds.

But I need your help, what should I name it?

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  1. Busbeary

    Sorry we didn’t know you guys were at Cal Expo until you were gone and I read the blog on it. Yep lots of gravel there. We were just 6 minutes north east of you. Could of at least brought you guys lunch and a truck & trailer from 1 Busnut to another. If you ever come through again give us a holler.

  2. Soooo cute! And of course I have NO creative names for stuffed animals. When I was a kid I had a stuffed snake called “snakey”, a stuffed rabbit called “rabbit”. I even got to name our real, live duck who I called….wait for it…”ducky”. So, I guess I’m sticking with Mr.Bear. Or, to pull from literary inspiration “Pooh Bear”.

  3. The bear I had as a kid was T. Edward Bear, so I’ve always been partial to that name. 🙂

    And Kiki, I’m sure he will give you as much love as you give him. Bears are great that way.


  4. I have a name for the bear.. Bosco the bear.
    Love your cat, I have three.
    Hope to be on the road in about two years.
    I taking care of my 82 year old Mom, But I’m starting to go through all my stuff now so I won’t have storage problems later.

    • Hahaha.. Chris is so original in his naming.

      His dog’s name used to be ‘D O G’
      His T@B trailer used to be ‘Tab’
      His first Jeep used to be ‘Jeep’
      His second Jeep used to be ‘Jeepv2’

      We’re lucky Kiki isn’t named CAT.

      Should be no surprise that the Bear was named Mr. Bear 😀

  5. LOL…. nothing like bringing the storage unit home with you!! Glad you have all adjusted to the new passenger on board. Buddy as a name would do him just fine.

  6. Hard to believe that bear does not already have a name. How about Kiki, Jr.? You know, make it feel like it really belongs to you so you’ll protect it and all that.

  7. Kiki, loved the update! Would you consider the name Gulliver for your new bearfriend? You’re the superior one in charge of him like in the land of Lilliput and Chris & Cherie are the giants from the land of Brobdingnag!

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