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Home on the Ranch – A Cat Family Reunion

I have been so excited these past few weeks (well, as excited as cats get).  My people said we were going to this place called Oregon, which is where I was born!

First Meeting!

First Meeting!

In 2008 Chris and Cherie arrived to their friend’s ranch in Lebanon, OR to discover there were kittens running the place! I hopped up on Cherie’s lap and claimed her as mine before my siblings could. Little did I know I’d have *two* humans at my beckon call to take me all over the country to hunt mice and lizards.

In all those travels though, we hadn’t been back to Oregon.

This is the chicken coop that I was found in at 1 week old. Martha, Leslie and the kids at the ranch bottle fed me and my sibs until we were healthy. Our momma-cat was eaten by a coyote.

Martha showing me where I was found.

Me and my siblings were found in a chicken coop at the age of 1 week old. Our momma-cat had been eaten by a coyote; so Martha, Leslie and the kids at the ranch bottle fed us until we were all healthy.

Meeting my chicken aunties!

Meeting my chicken aunties!

The chickens now have a new coop, but some of these ladies were the same chickens that hatched me! (I don’t know what the means, but Chris keeps telling me I’m part-chicken.)

Family Portrait!

Family Portrait! (Apparently, not all cats pose for pictures.)

And then I got to meet my siblings, who I’ve not seen since we were 7 weeks old! My sister is Bear, she’s the grey kitty on the left – she was really sweet to me, and kept asking me about my travels and teasing me about my harness.

My doppelgänger brother, Simon, however just didn’t know what to make of me. I tell ya, it’s like looking in a mirror at that dude! I think he was confused.

It was fun to visit my birthplace, meet my sibs and the people who saved me.  But I’m a traveling cat, I don’t think I’m cut out for ranch living.. it looked like a lot of work!

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