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Back in September and October while we were in the midst of working on the Obama campaign,we were encouraged to apply to speak on Technomadism at the O’Reilly ETech Emerging Technology Conference.

The awesome folks at O’Reilly accepted our proposal, and were excited about us being on the agenda. They even featured us in an interview for the O’Reilly Radar as part of the build up towards ETech.

We would be sharing the stage at ETech with big name CTO’s and CEO’s and a whole host of well know visionaries and leaders. Would people really want to see our travel photos and hear about our experiments in lifestyle hacking?

Tales from Technomadia Schedule Board

Apparently, yes.

Our “Tales from Technomadia” session on Thursday morning went over extremely well. We had a great crowd, and several people told us that we were one of their highlights for the whole week.

If you’re so inclined, our presentation was nicely Tweetscripted by various attendees. We’ll have our slideshow presentation up shortly.

ETech Keynote

ETech in general turned out to be an incredibly rewarding experience with some very top notch presentations, and much brain expanding content. We’ll be processing on all that we were exposed to for a long time to come. It was great to be around so many innovators, and be able to share ideas that live within the realm of possibility. Not pie-in-the-sky stuff, but stuff that is achievable in the foreseeable future.

Some of our favorite presentations included Refactor your Wetware, Robot cars, Urban green spaces, High Tech Chocolate, New Applications for Explosives, Viral Forecasting and a performance of Zoe Keating playing her 17th century cello using 21st century layering and looping – with an impromptu mash-up with artistically ‘filming’ it in LaserVision Radiohead style.

Zoe Keating @ ETech Laser Vision!

Oh, and there were evening games of ‘Are you a Werewolf’ and we participated in an experimental multiple player thought game called Free Space around building Cubesats – and, we won a lab coat in the process!

Are you Werewolf? Free Space

What an incredibly cool and inspiring mix of things. Many new friends made.

Other things of note – it’s fantastic to see more and more women represented at these geekfests. It’s not exactly even yet, but it was nice to not be such a token female. And I was quite impressed that ETech had conference T-shirts made in ladies’s styles too. And extra bonus that the Maker Shed had us customize our shirts with iron on fun!

We also heavily utilized Twitter, and it was a very fun tool to both share the experience with those not attending as well as virtually attend other sessions we couldn’t go to.

Oh.. and in preparation for ETech, we had our website ported over to WordPress – which you are viewing now!

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