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Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.17.14 PMWe love hosting live video chats – it’s a very fun way for us to interact with you, our readers. We pick a topic and then take viewer questions.

We aim to host a chat once a month, but this can vary depending on our time and bandwidth availability. Sometimes they are scheduled rather last minute, so be sure to sign up for our e-mail notifications below to get updates when we schedule our next video cast.  All of our chats are recorded and available for viewing later (scroll down).


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When: August 25, 2015
9pm EDT / 6pm PDT

Topic: RV Renovations & Remodeling

View on our Livestream.com Channel

Unless you custom build your RV from scratch, more than likely there are going to be changes you want to make to any RV you buy. Some can be done yourself if you have the time, tools, skills and space – and some you might need to hire out.

In this live video chat, we’ll talk about deciding when it’s right to hire it out, picking a contractor (do they need RV experience or not?), adjusting to reality and especially considerations for handling projects on the road as a full timer. We’ll of course also talk a bit about our current project, and the lessons we’ve learned.

If you’ve not joined one of our Livestream hosted chats before, you’ll need to setup a free account with them first. Plan to do that before the start time to make sure you’re ready to go (click the button above to get started)!

Future Possible Chat Topics:

  • Selecting an RV for Full Timing
  • Cooking & Meal Preparations
  • The Everyday Aspects of RVing
  • Pets and RVing
  • Environmental Impacts of RVing
  • Working on the Road
  • Affording Full Time RVing
  • Picking a Domicile for Full Time RVing


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Notes about our chats:

  • We are usually broadcasting via cellular data – video & audio quality can vary.
  • During live casts, you can ask questions to us via the video page’s timeline. When viewing archives, obviously – we won’t be there to answer your questions. *grin*
  • If you’ll be missing the live broadcast, and have a question you’d like to address – you can send it to us in e-mail in advance and we’ll do our best to work it in.
  • We offer these chats for free – it’s our gift. If you’d like to say thanks with a tip/donation, there’s a ‘Donate’ button. Thanks!


Chat Archives

Below are our archives of past chats (warning, they are generally over an hour long each, so make sure you have the bandwidth available to watch them!). All of our chat archives are stored on our YouTube Channel.

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Unless you custom build your RV from scratch, more than likely there are going to be changes you want to make to any RV you
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