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Full Time RVing Workspaces: Dale & Ruth

Names: Dale & Ruth

Occupation: Her: Sales Support Executive for a large Hi-Tech company   Him: Jewelry Artist

RV: 2010 DRV Mobile Suites, 38TKSB3 (5th Wheel)

On the Road Since: July 2013

Workspace Goals: Two separate, permanent workspaces that did not require the use of the dinette or putting things away every night.  Needed to be able to leave “work in progress” overnight for two individuals pursuing different careers and businesses.

His workspace:



Computer desk purchased with the intent to use the keyboard tray as his work surface.  We removed the couch and placed the desk in the back along with kitty’s condo and litter box, opening up much more floor space.  Only modification needed for the desk was to install locks to keep it closed going down the road.  We also removed the washer and dryer and to use for storage of the tools and supplies.



Her workspace:

The RV already had a built in desk, we added a pullout keyboard tray, a “real” office chair and made sure the second monitor came on the road with us.  Cut a hole in the desk to run the power cords through and installed a power strip / surge protector under the desk  to keep the power cord spaghetti to a minimum.



Comments – great for the virtual worker and the jewelry artist, working back to back in our home on wheels!   Headsets / ear buds are mandatory in this type of set up or we would drive each other crazy!

This profile is part of the Change Your Office View: Full Time RVing Workstations series – we hope that by sharing what others have been able to create in their RVs will help inspire you as to what is possible to work on the road.

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