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Full Time RVing Workspaces: Boondock Marketing

IMG_7829Names: Kristin & Jason Snow

Website: www.boondockmarketing.com

Occupation: Web design and Marketing

RV: 26′ Vintage Airstream – restored

On the Road Since: September 2013

Workspace Goal: Due to lack of space, our office is not a permanent setup. Our living room doubles as our office.

Living Room Mode:

Living Room Mode

Living Room Mode

Office Mode:

Work mode

Work mode

We use a custom-built desk/dining table that folds up and stores in a side cabinet of the sofa when not in use. Our 27″ iMac is also our television, so it sits on a countertop above our half-height refrigerator when not in use for work. .

Outside Office Space:

Work outside!

Work outside!

When we don’t need the extra power of the desktop computer and the weather permits, we like to work outside on our laptops, so we bought a screened room. We can drape the rain fly over it to cut back on glare on bright days. We did have to buy anti-glare screen shields for our laptops to avoid headaches, and purchased those from http://www.nushield.com/.

Here’s a video tour of the Airstream we spent over a year restoring, which includes lots of shots of this setup: http://youtu.be/LOHJtTp1WBM

This profile is part of the Change Your Office View: Full Time RVing Workstations series – we hope that by sharing what others have been able to create in their RVs will help inspire you as to what is possible to work on the road.

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