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Ft. Pierce to Melbourne with Mom Aboard!

We ended up staying in Ft. Pierce just shy of 2 months to complete our projects. While we loved the city, we were itching to move on the moment the carpenter turned his last screw.

Continuing to wait for that moment however was becoming a bit of a struggle, as we had other logistics to juggle – such as getting our vehicle up into storage in Melbourne and bringing my mom back aboard for a cruise.

It all worked out, and on the morning of June 5 – with our crew aboard – we were ready to leave Causeway Cove Marina and continue our journey north.

First, our video recap of our cruise:


First Stop: Vero Beach, FL

Our 13.4 nm cruise from Ft. Pierce to Vero Beach. Cruising time, 2.3 hours.

My mom has joined us aboard Y-Not several times before, usually while at dock or for some short excursions. This would be her first joining us for a few days of cruising with stops at multiple locations.

We wanted her to experience pulling into a new city, and a night at anchor – so we made some selections.

First stop would be the Vero Beach City Marina.  It would be a quick cruise of just over 13 nm – but we had an invitation to an ice cream party at our friend’s Captain Chris & Alyse’s place.

And you don’t mess with ice cream.

It was a pleasant, albeit short, cruise and we got ourselves squeezed tightly into our assigned slip.


Vero Beach has a cruiser’s reputation of becoming like ‘Velcro’. Many arrive and never leave. During seasonal winter months the mooring balls may even be rafted up to accommodate the demand. We can see why.

The marina is nicely protected and conveniently located with an hourly free shuttle bus to scoot you around town. The property is nicely shaded with lovely trees and picnic areas.

We ended up staying only 2 nights – at a $105/night it gets pricey quick. Which was plenty of time to explore the beachside, and spend an afternoon with friends and ice cream.

Second Stop: Hole in the Wall Anchorage

Our 4.8 nm cruise to Hole in the Wall Anchorage. Cruising time, 1.2 hours.

You think our last cruise was short? How about 4.8 nm for our next – not even enough time for the engines to get warm really.

We wanted a beautiful anchorage for my mom’s first – which can be hard to come by in this area of the ICW. So many are just pulling off the channel and enduring constant wake.

However Chris & Alyse had told us about a favorite – technically in Vero Beach. While still in civilization, Hole in the Wall is between a couple islands and you can almost pretend you’re on your own. It sounded perfect to us!

Since the fuel dock at the marina was super easy to get to and the prices quite reasonable for the area – we decided to top up our tanks before departing. We were at about half and near due anyway, plus we’d like to start off time with our newly installed generator with fresh numbers.

It was a lovely anchorage and perfect for getting our new paddleboards out!

We also convinced mom to try her first dinghy ride aboard Just Because – we found a little beach on a nearby island to land on for a walk in what felt like an overgrown jungle.

And as is typical in Florida this time of year, an afternoon storm opened up leaving the skies a beautiful painting:

I think we were able to give mom a good taste of the anchoring lifestyle!

Third Stop: Melbourne, FL

Our 25.7 nm cruise to Melbourne. Cruising time, 3.9 hours.

While we likely could have found another stop or two to make on our way into Melbourne – we all decided we really wanted to get in on Friday for Melbourne’s very last ‘Friday Fest’.

It’s a downtown monthly event started a bit before I moved away with live music, food vendors and artists. It was originally intended to help bring traffic to the historic downtown – and it’s been so successful it’s apparently become a crowding issue.

We’d be staying at Melbourne Harbor Marina right downtown – so it seemed like something we shouldn’t miss.  I was really looking forward to this visit, returning to the very town I set my nomadic journey off from – returning in my own boat.

So we all settled in for a comparatively long cruise of 27.4 nm to get there.

We arrived in plenty of time for the fest – but it was pretty much a bust. Just as soon as things got kicked off and we had Thai food in hand – the skies opened up pretty much shutting things down.

Oh well.

We ended up staying in Melbourne for the weekend – but we were honestly pretty beat and distracted.

The exhaustion and stress of the past few weeks dealing with contractors constantly in our space completely caught up to us. But no rest for the weary – we got hit with two huge issues in our work life (ugh… PayPal and Verizon legacy unlimited plan terminations) needing our full attention.

Let’s just say Melbourne wasn’t the nice return to ‘home’ stay we had hoped. And at $96/night for a slip and no weekly rate offered – we weren’t keen to extend our stay.

Crew on Board?

This little repositioning was our first experimentation with have visitors/crew onboard for multiple stops.

The timing probably wasn’t the most ideal with our exhaustion levels – but the segment was absolutely right to share with my Mom. She lives in Melbourne and this would be dropping her back off. In a perfect world we would have had some downtime first.

But even so, we pushed aside the exhaustion as best we could and really enjoyed having someone along for the ride with us – and we loved sharing a bit of the adventure in person.

Plus, it’s pretty cool to have someone who does dishes, vacuums and keeps Kiki entertained for us.

Great Loop Log (6/9/2018)

  • Distance: 521.2 nm
  • Stops: 36
  • Marina Nights: 300
  • Anchored Nights: 26
  • Bridges : 97
  • Locks: 0

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Current Status:

We’re still in New Smyrna Beach – a little coastal town we have grown quite smitten with. This being the off season, we were able to secure a monthly slip in walking distance to just about everything – which is exactly what we’ve needed to re-charge.

We’re getting into *gasp* routines. We even joined a gym.

Life is feeling more balanced.

We have a few videos we’ve put out in the past few weeks that haven’t made the blog yet if you haven’t caught them yet:

We have almost two weeks left on our time here, and then we’ll likely be continuing northward. How far north? We really don’t know yet.

Keep your eyes out – later this week we’ll be launching our brand new T-shirts!  We’ll have a post out. 

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  1. Your way of life is so inspiring. My partner and I have homes in 3 cities . Nashville, TN, Ft Lauderdale, FL and Washington, DC (too much).
    Time for potential changes and I’ve been wondering about RV and Boat living and easier lifestyles . Today I happened upon your online valuable information and began watching . I know you’re probably inundated with messages such as this one, but would love to possibly chat and know more .

    • Hi Thom.. you’ll find a ton of content here and on our YouTube channel about both boat and RV life. We even have several live chat archives comparing the two lifestyles. Be sure to tune in for a future live cast, where we welcome questions. (PS. I’ve removed your phone number from this post.. wouldn’t imagine you wanted that published for all to see).

  2. Welcome to my neck of the waters… Volusia county… We are in Daytona but love New Smyrna Beach…if you get a chance visit Norwoods wine shop and treehouse bar and The Garlic resteraunt…both unique and wonderful to experience, worth an uber for sure they are next to eachother within walking distance anyway. I suggest an early dinner at The Garlic to avoid a wait then wine and desert at Norwoods in the treehouse.

    • We’ve had a few recommendations for The Garlic, and it looks unique and adorable. But their menu just doesn’t seem to be our style so we’ve not made the effort to get over there. Lots of dining around that is right up our alley to keep us busy.

  3. Just curious on how a boat your size gets around Cape Canaveral. Did you go through Haulover Canal? I’ve always wondered as I watch the boats running up and down the Indian River Lagoon.

  4. I live in New Smyrna area, Spruce Creek Fly In. Be home for a couple days end of week, couple Doctor appointments. Presently on Trawler Morning Star, home port Halifax Harbor Daytona Beach. Lying Tarpon Springs. Love to say hi. Bob Inscoe MTOA.

  5. Great that you get to share these things with your mom. Yes, to family who does chores as well–Dave’s mother washed our windows and our daughter cooks when she comes. Hard to beat that.

  6. It is so entertaining and informative following y’all on your journey. Thanks for sharing your decision making process and your experiences. How fun for your mom to be able to cruise along! Hope your time at New Smyrna recharges you both!

  7. Hello, so awesome that you can share your lifestyle with your Mom! all your posts, videos.
    Thank you for sharing.

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