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Dinner Island Ranch WMA – Free Florida Boondocking

Cat going for walk

My people are super busy this week doing work stuff (apparently, Verizon launched a new Unlimited Data Plan this week – and that’s kinda big news).

So they told me I could be more useful if I caught up the blog, instead of annoying them to go for a walk constantly.

Silly people.

Ok, so here goes – I’m going to tell you all about our next stop!

Dinner Island Ranch Wildlife Management Area

The Kowechobe Camp

We’ve been snagging last minute cancellations around campgrounds in Florida this winter, which has been working out pretty well. But we had a few days to fill in.

Which was a perfect opportunity for us to check out Free Florida Boondocking (who knew there was such a thing??).

Dinner Island Ranch WMA was the closest spot to W.P. Franklin Campground (which has lots of tasty lizards, by the way).

It’s a Florida Wildlife Management Area, and offers two free campgrounds. One in the trees, which didn’t have room for our big bus. And the other in a big open field with plenty of room.


I’m a BIG fan of dinner (it’s my favorite time of day!), so Dinner Island sounds like a cat’s dream come true.

And oh boy was I right!

They even have a menu! I figured it was just like a sushi menu, and I just check the birds I want to sample? *

Can you believe they MADE me work helping take readings??

We stayed just a few nights, but it was a pleasant stay.

The humans complained that there wasn’t much to do there – no hiking trails, just the same boring walk up and down the road.  But they did see lots of cows, birds and even an alligator.

They also noted that the ground got pretty soft near the end of the field, so they were glad we reserved a spot close to the entrance.  Besides some rather tall grass, we had no trouble getting in/out.

They mostly worked however doing a lot of cellular signal and WiFi testing.

Ok, here’s some more pictures from our stay:


If you want to stay here, you need to apply for a permit in advance. They only take reservations up to 2 weeks in advance of your arrival date – but it’s super easy to do online (even a cat could do it!). And it’s totally free for 14-days a month. There’s a litterbox on site, but not other amenities provided.

(No birds were actually harmed in making this post.)

What’s Up Next

After this stop, we moved to Ortona South Campground, back on the waterway.

Besides keeping busy with work stuff, the people seem to be quite consumed with some other project. They tell me I might need a life jacket and captain’s hat soon. I guess I’ll find out what that means.

Until then, it’s back to lizard hunting for me!

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  1. Dinner Island is not “free”. You need to purchase a land use permit for about $26.50 and you also need to make a reservation. So many people abuse this and it makes it difficult for the people who abide by the rules. Campers staying in spots you reserved, overstaying their reservations and basically storing their camp gear for weeks.

    Have some consideration for people who abide by the rules or DO NOT CAMP HERE!

  2. Chris and Cherie,
    Loving the blog and your Youtube videos. It has been a great inspiration, and
    the common sense experience, a big help in preparing. Im looking at a 4905 and
    considering taking my mail order auto parts business on the road, Gotta love all that space in the three cargo bays! Best wishes, Doug

  3. Kiki, I love your humans but I always get extra excited to see your posts come though my inbox. Oh, and about that captains hat…make sure they get you a pipe to go with it. Seems to be the big request from our furry captains.

  4. Kiki you find the BEST stuff and are the most AWESOMEST cat on earth. But of course you already knew this. Great write-up 🙂


  5. I am in awe of your ability to wing it. I end up stressing out and we’re only 35′. Love the post and am very glad to hear that no birds were harmed in the making of it but what about all the other time Kiki or did you just stick to Lizards?

  6. Sounds like you are doing well with winging it for campgrounds. Is that a strategy you would recommend for a first winter there? We are planning on being in a class b so that should help with flexibility.

    Did Kiki drop a teaser about a boat purchase? Looking forward to the next chapter. Following the Wynns and enjoying thier story. It will be interesting to see the contrast with Bluewater sailing.

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