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Now Available: The Mobile Internet Handbook – 2016 US RVers Edition


Whew.. after several weeks of non-stop writing as we’ve been making miles across the southwest… we’re excited to announce that the completely updated 2016 Edition of our book, The Mobile Internet Handbook, is now available in PDF, Kindle & iBooks and print formats!


tmih2016-tall-pinterest copyWhat’s New?  Well… Almost EVERYTHING!

We set off intending to just do a couple quick passes through the text, updating all that had changed since the 2015 edition came out. We thought that would be an easy update, given we had just released our 2015 Year In Review report.

While going through the book over and over again to integrate in all that had changed, we kept feeling the book could be so much better.

So we took the time to do it right.

We’ve learned so much in the past year about presenting this information, and RVMobileInternet.com has become a rich and living resource center.

So instead of just a light refresh, the 2016 edition is nearly a complete re-write.

We’ve restructured every chapter so that the basics are at the beginning, and then the content gets deeper and more technical from there.

Our goal was to make the book both simpler & more in-depth – at the same time. 

As much as we love digital.. there's nothing like holding a physical copy to make it feel REAL!

As much as we love digital.. there’s nothing like holding a physical copy to make it feel REAL!

We’ve also tried to make the content more ‘evergreen’ – more focused on the concepts, theory, and practical applications. And less on the specific products, plans & prices – the stuff that changes all the time.

Instead, we’ve provided links to the living content on RVMobileInternet.com where you can get the most current options when you’re ready for each phase of your journey assembling your connectivity arsenal.

We’ve also integrated in a bunch of entirely new content into the book – answering questions that we’ve fielded over the past year as we’ve assisted members in the forums, folks in the free public discussion group, and on numerous private advising calls.

Amongst the new content you’ll find:

  • Overview of Unlimited Data Options for Mobile Internet
  • Back-Up Strategies for RVers
  • Understanding MIMO Antennas
  • MVNO & Reseller Warnings (you know, stuff like OmniLynx & Karma)
  • Looking Forward – 5G Technology, Future Satellite Options, & More
  • Optimizing Video Streaming & Social Media for Mobile Internet

And of course, there have been major changes to Satellite Internet, Entertainment on the Road, and International Travel over the past year – and those chapters have been completely refreshed and rewritten from the ground up.

For more information on the book – view our book sale page:


We hope you enjoy the new edition, and that it becomes a valuable resource as you pull together your own mobile internet solutions.

Special Edition: Get Your ‘Mobile & Connected’ T-Shirt

It’s become a tradition, with each launch of a new edition of the book – we do a limited run of T-shirts.

These shirts aren’t marketing for the resource center, the membership, or the book.  There is no URL, or cheesy branding.

Just a cool ‘Infinity Wirless’ logo, so that you can proclaim you are ‘Mobile & Connected’.

If you’d like to snag one of these, the T-Shirt shop is now open and taking orders. We’ve set up 4 different styles of shirts (V-necks, crew cut, mens & ladies) in a variety of colors.

You can place an order by March 13, and all will be printed and shipped then.

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  1. Love the 4th release of “the mobile internet handbook”. Will you be releasing an updates version in 2018?

  2. OMNIFUND …….we joined Escapees almost 8 months ago and learned about OMNI but it stopped before we could get in….problem with Verizon. They are up again with T-Mobile and wonder if you know anything about RVers using them again. From their website I was hesitant to sign up before knowing what others know.

    below is what I copied and pasted from almost signing up but decided I better research more first.

    By making a contribution of at least $50 per month, you may be eligible to opt-in to the Student Technology Enhancement Program (S.T.E.P.) This program is available to students, families and faculty of the , and provides participants with access to unlimited nationwide wireless Internet serviced by T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network. The Program encourages and enhances perpetual learning by providing continuous access to digital curriculum and other instructional media. To Opt-in to this free program, select ‘Yes’ below (upon submission, you will be prompted to validate your student, family or employment status). You may also bypass this option and proceed to checkout by selecting “No” below.

  3. Recently downloaded your mobile internet book. Easy read. It pretty much answered the questions I have about how much technology is really needed for our life style. We appreciate the easy to understand explanations (dumbing down). Tech knowledge gets a little more difficult to comprehend as one gets older. You made sense to a lot of it. Very worth the money! Thanks.

    • No, the updates are not automatic. Each edition has always been its own release. We are offering this one at a launch discount this week for those would like an update. And our premium members always get free updates to the PDF edition however, it’s like having a subscription to the book (and more!).

  4. OK, so the reason I need this handbook is because I am slow on the uptake about tech.
    I want to order the PDF version but.. and excuse my ‘ignorance’, how do I go about putting the Handbook on my tablet? Mom always said there were no ‘stupid’ questions, so there ya go.

    • It would depend on your tablet. If you have an iPad, when you download it to your iPad it will ask you if you want it sorted in iBooks (which is what I did with my copy) or used in another reader you might have installed. I’m not familiar with other tablet models however – it would be with whatever reader you have installed, and whatever their instructions are for accessing PDF files.

      • Thanks Cherie, I have a Samsung Tablet. Guess I will pull out the old manual and ‘read’.

  5. Always such a great feeling when our hard work is (nearly) done and we can share the fruit of that labor. We’re looking forward to our new edition and getting caught up with the ever changing updates in the techy world. Congrats.

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