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Congratulations – It’s a Book: The Mobile Internet Handbook for 2014

3D-TMIH-240We are super pleased to announce that we have just wrapped up writing the The Mobile Internet Handbook – 2014 US RVers Edition.

It’s such a huge expansion over the original 2013 edition that it is actually more of an almanac now!  The new version is 186 pages.. the first edition was just 87. In thanks to those who funded us during our Indiegogo Campaign, we added 7 entirely new chapters and expanded all of the rest.

It’s fresh off the electronic presses – and it’s available now as an ‘Early Release’ in PDF eBook format for $15.

For more information, a preview or to purchase:


The book covers cellular data, public WiFi, satellite, ham, cable/DSL, enhancing signals, installation, managing bandwidth, traveling to Canada & Mexico, entertainment options, cellular phone plans and most importantly – setting your expectations for what life on the road with mobile internet is like.

The book is written for the non-technical internet surfer to the high-tech geek – we strive to balance using every day language and examples to explain complex topics, while keeping things technically accurate.

Next we’ll be formatting the book for Kindle, iBooks and Print – but those will take a couple weeks longer. We didn’t want to delay the book any longer, so we’re offering the PDF format early for those who just don’t want to wait!

If you’d prefer to wait, no worries – when we have Kindle and iBooks available later this month, all eBook versions will be priced at $9.99 (as Amazon incentivized author’s to sell at 9.99 or below.)  We’ll let you know when that is as well… that’ll be our BIG launch date!


Announcing our Premium Membership Group:
Mobile Internet Aficionados

MIA-final_FullColor webOur brand new premium membership group, called Mobile Internet Aficionados, is now live and accepting new members.
Members enjoy these extra benefits:
  • Q&A Forums to ask us questions and get responses.
  • Indepth and timely newsletters.
  • Exclusive and ad-free content – some of our in-depth articles will be released members only, and others will be made available first to members before the general public.
  • Webinars and members only discussions
  • Discounts on private advising sessions.

We had over 100 folks pre-join during our funding campaign who have been enjoying the benefits of the group. And we are now finally accepting new members, and are extending the introductory pricing of $39/year during the launch of the book. 

Or – you can get the book and join at the same time and save $5!

 For more information or to join:

Introducing the ‘RV Mobile Internet Resource Center’

In addition to writing a 186 page book, we also have launched a brand new website.


This site will become our central repository of all of our mobile internet knowledge. We’ll of course offer the book for sale there, but there will be plenty of reasons to keep coming back.

  • Check out our news feed of relevant news items analyzed for how they impact us RVers.
  • Check out our Knowledge Base Resources of guides, tips, product reviews, videos and more.

As this technology evolves, we’ll be keeping the RVMobileInternet.com website updated and fresh – to compliment the content in The Mobile Internet Handbook. Some of the content will be members only, and some of it available to all.

We also have a free RSS feed if you want notifications, and a free general newsletter that we’ll put out periodically with any big updates or announcements.


The Mobile & Connected T-Shirt: Limited Time Availability

The back of the shirt

The back of the shirt (men’s crew neck)

To celebrate the launch of this exciting new book and project, we’re launching our first ever T-Shirt. We didn’t want something that was promotional of the book or the new website.

We wanted something that anyone who depends on mobile internet would be proud to wear as a symbol of their awesome mobile and connected lifestyle. Our infinity road symbol was designed with this goal in mind. A simple symbol with so much meaning.

And for the next two weeks, you can order one of our limited edition T-Shirts to show the world that YOU are mobile and connected.

The front of the shirt (women's V-neck)

The front of the shirt (women’s V-neck)

We’re using TeeSpring.com to print and distribute the T-shirts – which is run campaign style. The ordering period is for only two weeks and will end on August 28th.

The shirt has a small symbol on the front with simply the words ‘Mobile. Connected’.  The back of the shirt has the symbol larger.

There’s no promotional material on this shirt at all. It’s all about mobility and connectivity and this awesome lifestyle we love.  We’ve selected several different high quality T-shirts in different colors, and kept the prices affordable at under $20 for most options.  So you can choose what is best for you. There’s V-necks, crew necks, men’s and lady’s fits.  They’re in various shades of grey, teals, blues and even a tie die version.

If the demand is high enough, we may repeat T-shirt sales in the future. But for now, consider this a VERY limited edition run. So act within the next 2 weeks if you want a shirt.

Click to Order your Shirt 



technomadia mobile internet

This has been an incredibly intensive and productive summer writing this book and creating the resource center website. We’ve worked many tireless nights over the past couple of months writing and getting all of this together. It’s been our primary focus, and all written using mobile internet while RVing – the very topic the book is about. And boy, did we burn through a lot of bandwidth for our research!

And it feels so wonderful to finally be able to make this announcement!

We hope that the finished book meets or exceeds your expectations and helps you build a thriving mobile lifestyle.


PS. If you funded our campaign back in May/June by pre-purchasing the book (thank you!!)- you should have received an e-mail earlier this week with instructions on how to download your pre-paid copy. If you didn’t get that.. check your spam filters. If you still can’t find it, please be in touch at contact@technomadia.com so we can get you your copy!

PSS. We couldn’t be happier with Motorhome Office of Design & Technology who we hired to create all our awesome graphics for the book. From the cover design, the infinity logo, Mobile Internet Aficionados logo and the illustrations you’ll find within the book. They are truly AWESOME, and we can’t recommend Jeanette enough.

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links, so, if you click on the link and make a purchase, we receive a commission. Note that all opinions are 100% our own and we only link to products we personally use and absolutely recommend! Technomadia is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this? We are going to be full-timers in about a month, me and my 10 year old twins. I’m definitely going to need this. I can’t get the book right now due to lack of funds, and I have lots of questions on how I’m going to be able to keep my girls online for their cyber school that we’ll be using on the road. Will this book help me with this? Will you answer questions if it doesn’t? I have subscribed to your page and you guys are great. What would be a good way to ask you questions, if you are willing? Thank you again!

  2. You two are just amazing – your energy and passion for helping educate other RVers is so uplifting. We look forward to reading this new tome. 🙂

  3. Congratulations, what a fantastic accomplishment. This book is a must for full timers. I absolutely love your blog and the wealth of information it holds. Thank you both so much for letting us be a part of your adventure.

  4. Congratulations on your new book. I’ve already downloaded it and am anxious to read it. I can’t imagine how many hours of hard work went into this but your information is helping a lot of people. Thanks so much. I hope you gave Kiki a big treat when it was done. 🙂

  5. The new addition(s) are adorable although it’s hard to tell which parent they most favor…..perhaps when they’re older :-).
    Congratulations on a successful summer of hard work. I love the logo – simple design with a huge meaning – my favorite type of branding. Ordered one each for Bill and I (and we don’t do logo shirts generally). Would be fun to get a group shot of folks wearing them – maybe at Q? Sorry, maybe you’d actually like to breathe for five minutes…..
    Looking forward to the Kindle version of the new book.

    • Thanks! Jeanette did such an amazing job capturing what we wanted with the logo. Last thing we wanted ourselves was to be a walking billboard.. we just wanted something cool 🙂 So happy to hear it resonates with others too.

      And indeed. .we look forward to meeting up with folks who have the shirt and capturing photos together in fun places!

  6. Our family of 5 is going nomadic sometime in early September. After more than a year of preparation we’re ready to buy a 5er, buy a truck worthy of pulling it, and rent the house (a bit more income doesn’t hurt!); However, one of our minor-but-important goals has been formulating a solution for keeping me connected to my job (IT Architect) while on the road.

    Your update couldn’t have come at a better time. This caps off months of my own research and will help me get a solid initial solution together and tested before we’re out there. Thanks for keeping a bead on the moving target of mobile tech!

    PS – Your Robin Williams/RV reference near the beginning of the book was well placed both in time and content. It gave my wife and me a warm fuzzy.

    • We’re glad the timing of the new edition works well for you.. and hope it’s a helpful resource for you!

      And yes, the Robin Williams change was the very last edit we made the book.. and one we least expected to need to make.

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