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Working 9 to 5 (So instead – Links to helpful posts!)

That’s 9a – 5a, by the way.

We’re working around the clock, quite literally, on the re-write of The Mobile Internet Handbook.

Glimpse at our notes to each other as we switch shifts!

Glimpse at our notes to each other as we switch shifts!

When we’re working on a project as intense as this together, we work in shifts.

Cherie gets to work around 9am and works into the early afternoon. Chris gets up, and we get some time working together and comparing notes. We take a break late afternoon for walking, exploring, worshipping Kiki and eating. Then back to work late into the evening. Cherie goes to bed around 1 or 2am, and Chris finishes the shift coming to bed around 5am for a few precious hours of cuddles.

It works really well for us – giving us time to super focus on our own, time to ourselves and time to coordinate.  We leave notes to each other in the project we’re working on, so we know where one left off – and to insure all our cloud syncing is working properly before the other picks up.

We’ve been on this sort of schedule for weeks now. And we’re entering the final push to get the manuscript off to our editor – hopefully by this evening. (crossing fingers!)

The book is coming along solid, and we’re super happy with what it has become. The 2013 edition? It’s absolutely laughable in comparison.. and we can’t wait to share with you the new edition!

But it’s keeping us super busy, and I’m lacking time and spare creativity to write this week’s blog post.

So instead, I’m going to point you to some super useful content we’ve written over the years – content we often get asked about.

More About Us

  • Our Start Here Page – The short story of who we are
  • Our Full(er) Story – How we met, who we are, our various forms of travel thus far and how we earn our income as we roam.
  • Our Home on Wheels – A tour of our current nomadic home – an awesome 1961 vintage bus. Also includes links to our bus project logs.
  • Our Mobile Gear – A listing of some of the gear that enhances our mobility – from tech, to toys to practical household items.
  • Our Monthly Cost Log –  We’ve shared our travel cost log online for years, and you’re welcome to view it.

Life on the Road

Curious about hitting the road yourself?  In addition to writing about our own travel adventures, we also share a lot of practical and ‘thinky’ content about how we’ve made it work:

eBookNo Excuses: Go Nomadic

This is our series of articles about the logistical aspects of living a nomadic life. We offer it as a free blog series, or as a convenient eBook  on a ‘pay as you wish’ basis for those who wish to contribute to the costs of maintaining this site and help keep us inspired to keep sharing.  Enjoy!

Some of the topics in the series:

Ramblings: Tales from Nomads

Our video interview series  – we love meeting up with our nomadic friends in our travels, so we decided to start filming interviews with them so you can meet them too. Our way is not the only way.

We now have a collection of over 20 (!!) interviews produced, and try to release a new one monthly. Check this series out, there’s some serious inspiration here from a variety of folks living on the road and making it happen.

Want to meet more fellow working on the road nomads? Here’s our extensive listing to blogs of Fellow ‘Younger’ RVing Nomads.

In addition to the interview series, we’ve also been hosting monthly(ish) live video streams, and have them all archived here.

RVing Stuff 

Our articles specific to RVing, including:

Given the number of questions we get on a wide variety of topics we’ve written about before, I’m hoping some of this is useful reminders.

Ok back to writing.. or cat worshipping.. or something.  What time is it? What day is it?

We’re excited to get to the next phase, take a bit of a breather and then get the eBook into your hands in early August!

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  1. Love it! You guys are great!

    Ironically, if I was in that much sync with my not-so-significant-other…I would not be an RVer!!

    I can’t wait for the book!!

  2. Thanks for working so hard on this. It sounds like it’ll be ready just in time to help guide me through our networking purchases, right before we hit the road.

    You guys are awesome!

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