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So.. what’s up with the Hula Hoop?

We hope that wherever you find yourself this Memorial Day weekend, you are surrounded by whatever inspires you – nature, friends, family, good times, wine, solitude.

We’re still hanging out in Elkhart with folks still lingering post-Escapade, and took care of some medical errands this past week. It’s been a blast being here, and seems every time we walk around the campground we make a new friend or encounter folks we already know.

We so enjoy this pace of convergence, with more informal gatherings and information sharing while leaving plenty of time to ourselves for work, errands and living.

The other day we had someone ask a question that we surprisingly get asked quite a bit.

“So.. what’s up with the hula hoop that’s always hanging on your mirror?”

“Is it some sort of WiFi antenna you’re testing out?”

“A secret symbol indicating it’s ok to visit?”

It’s kinda amusing to see folks try to come up with some complex explanation.



I had the hoop made a couple years ago while we were passing through Austin, and of course color coordinated to match the bus. Hooping is a great exercise and a fun activity that adds a lot of joy to events we attend.

The passenger side mirror is a perfect hanger for it to store outside when we’re parked. And it often gets moved under the bus in windy weather.

So there you have it. Our big reveal.

Our hula hoop is just that, a hula hoop. But it does look pretty cool on the bus.

What’s Next?  We’re sticking here in Elkhart through the weekend, and are awaiting some estimates for possible work on the bus. Once we have those data points, we’ll make some decisions – sticking around longer? Start heading west? Maybe go north and explore the UP of Michigan again?  We trust serendipity will make things clear soon enough.

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  1. Appreciate the explanation, but I STILL think this is some way of harnessing a secret wifi signal…
    You’ll notice in the various pictures where the hoop is visible, it is NEVER in the same position, indicating it is a “tunable” receiver. You can’t fool me!

  2. I actually never wondered about the hoop situation. I just figured “hooping” (I don’t think that would be the actual verb) is good for your core muscles.
    But now I’m wondering about “Mr. Hooper” on Sesame Street. Hmmmmm.

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