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A Wonderful Time in St. Louis

Chris has family in St. Louis. And over the years of us stopping in, I’ve just fallen in love with the city.

This particular trip back had some goals:

  • Spend time with Chris’ grandma, who had taken quite a spill earlier this year. She’s doing great!
  • Move some boxes from our bus bay that we’ve been carrying around with us since we cleaned out Chris’ storage unit in Sacarmento last fall, into his parent’s brand new home in St. Louis.
  • Time with Chris’ parents.
  • Showing our friends Kristin & Jason around.

The Snowmads arrived in advance of us by a few days to meet up with Kristin’s parents. And we timed our arrival to coincide with Chris’ parents returning after their winter in Florida. They were coming back to a new home that just had built to be their summer home.

We started our visit off with a nomadic ‘meet the parents’ dinner, and the fun never stopped.

Instead of trying to remember everything we did, I’m just going to fill in the blanks with some photos I managed to snap along the way.

Family Time:

Quality time with Chris' Grandma.

Quality time with Chris’ Grandma.

Chris' folks invite us over for dinner. We should have asked if their new dining room table came assembled or not. (Happy to help!)

Chris’ folks invited us over for dinner. We should have asked if their new dining room table came assembled. (Happy to help!)


Finally.. all our storage stuff back in one place! This, and what’s on the bus.. is all we own! We’re so thankful to family for creating this space for us!


Spring time at Forrest Park!

Fun with the Snowmads:



Exploring the magnificent City Museum!


Joining us on air for our live video chat on ‘Blogging for RVers’


Cardinals vs Pirates game at Busch Stadium

Staying in St Louis

On most previous visits to the area, we’ve been able to park at Chris’ parents. But their new home is not compatible with RV parking anymore.

Back in 2012 we stayed at the Casino Queen RV Park (our review), right across from the arch – and enjoyed the proximity to the city. And when Kristin let us know they scored a reservation for $20/night, we called right away to get ours. But for the same type of spot, they quoted us $40/night?  As our plans were still in a bit of flux, we decided to not commit just yet at that price.

When we did call back, this time they quoted us $47/night?

Our spot at Cahokia RV Parque

Our spot at Cahokia RV Parque

So, we decided to try Cahokia RV Parque (our review) this time around at a weekly rate of $175.  The location is actually closer to Chris’ family. All and all, we were quite  happy with this choice, even if it did make casual hanging out with Kristin & Jason more of an effort.

Up Next: The four of us got an invitation to stay at a nearby castle! We’ll tell the tales of that adventure next! From here, the Snowmads have decided to follow Route 66 southward. And while we’d love to caravan with them longer, our hearts aren’t feeling called that direction. We’re at a place in our itinerary where the roads could take these technomads any direction. We have no where we’re committed to being until September. We’ll listen to our hearts, and let serendipity point the way. Stay Tuned!

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    • Absolutely! That is my original Amiga 1000 – perhaps the most awesomely advanced computer (for it’s day) ever made. I also had an Amiga 4000 and Amiga 3000 over the years, but the Amiga 1000 is the one I’ve never been able to part with.

      – Chris

  1. Just followed your link to the video Blogging for RVers. Thanks to you and the Snows for so much good info. I do a little writing, but I never seriously considered blogging until today. I also did not know how important comments are to bloggers.

  2. SO love that you are staying true to your serendipity!! Happy you had a nice stay/visit with friends and family. Hoping to see you again along the way…maybe WA ‘lighthousing’? Have fun and be safe! Love being sent from drippy (weather, not attitudes!) Elmer NJ. stevi

    • Wow, you guys get around! NJ already? Hope you had a great time at the bus rally I think you stopped in at on the way. Hope it warms and dries up for ya. And see you out there somewhere again! (and did ya notice your awesome gord in one of the shots above?? Love love love it! Thank you again!)

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