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A Cat’s Perspective on Cedar Key

Hey peoples!

So many folks come to Cedar Key and wonder what there is to do.

I just want to tell you – this is a cat’s dream come true!

My people always book a waterfront site with lots of shore access.

And I spend my days down on the rocks and docks hunting LIZARDS!!!



IMG_0913I just love Cedar Key.

Want a peak into my daily life here in Cedar Key…  while my people haven’t actually created a video of me hunting, this video on YouTube is pretty close to what my life is like (hey, a cat can dream, right??):

And heck, even the sunsets are pretty good.


I love it here.

If you come to visit us, be sure to bring cat treats!


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  1. Kiki,
    Hunting lizards is GREAT fun, isn’t it? Easier than birds or mice, but just a little bit. Our (I have a young whipper snapper housemate) humans don’t appreciate our trophies– I still don’t know what’s up with that!

    Our humans haven’t been to Cedar Key in a LONG time — I don’t know why. They talk about going for the day, but haven’t gone. =(

  2. Aug of 1984, my wife and I spent our honeymoon in Cedar Key. Been back one time since then. Where we stayed was gone due to a storm. Need to get back and look at one of those sunsets you keep talking about. Enjoy your stay, The Martin’s

  3. Hi Kiki!
    It was good to meet you last night. You are quite the looker and the dreamer, given that video.

    Just a thought, your folks would probably appreciate any lizards caught being left at the door, outside that is. 😉

  4. Puuurrrrfectly sorry. I forgot to sing my name. It’s Eleanor. I was named after Mrs. Roosevelt who’s just about the greatest female humanoid who ever lived!
    Purrs and Purrs,

  5. Hey Kiki:
    I’m currently in Louisiana with my mom and big sister, Lacy, a Standard Poodle. Although I like it here, I’m really looking forward to Florida and maybe even Cedar Key. That video of our relative hunting made me so proud. We’re a great cat family and don’t you humanoids forget it!

  6. When are 3 cats(Bo-Ling[Momma,Rag-doll],Larry[American Mouser who could be Kikki’s twin] & Mo, [Rag-doll]) are out lizard hunting they seem only to bring back the ones missing their tails, lol

  7. Awesome portraits. We were worried about going on the road kitties with our people, but after seeing so many traveling with their people we are feelimg better. Altough this whole harness and leash thing is annoying.

  8. Hi Kiki,
    Thanks so much for sharing your adventures. I will be traveling with my 2 cats and one dog. It looks like they will have lots of fun at Cedar Key. PS: I like your leash. Note to self: gotta get a couple of these 🙂

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