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Vroom Vroom!

It took a little longer than expected, but yesterday morning we got to see and hear our engine fire right up on dynamometer (aka ‘dyno’).

First start on the dynamometer!

First start on the dynamometer!

For those who have been wanting MORE video of the momentous occasion, here you go:

Direct link to the video

There is nothing like that sweet sweet sound of a well tuned 2-stroke!

The engine passed all the dyno testing and has now returned to the rebuild section of the shop to continue the installation process. The shop has set a goal of having us on the road no later than Wednesday, so that we’re off their books by the end of month.

And that’s a good thing. Because I told them they are throwing me one heck of a party if we’re still here come next Sunday – which will be my 40th birthday.  I really want to be anywhere but this parking lot!

Anyone have  ideas within towing distance of Billings, where we might be able to score a scenic campsite with ample hook-ups? We will be in search of some serious R&R and celebration!

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  1. happy 40th
    it,s that first start and 10sec, in to its life that every rebuilder is holding his breath did i ???
    yes,, i was,
    guys did a good job
    now a better air filter( look up in side the air box for any birds nest or junk
    how did u make out with your larger radiator

    • The new 7 row core with the new tranny cooler is awaiting installation, and it looks pretty! And once the cradle is back in, they are going to construct us the best air filtration system they can.

  2. Great job on the video! I grew up around 2 strokes and love the sound.

    We can feel your excitement. We’ve been hung up for the better part of a month for a whole different reason but are looking forward to finally starting south late next week after a month and two major surgeries on our dog.

  3. Planned on 2 nights, stayed for a week at the rv park in Ennis. In a valley with great mountain views all around. Shoet hop to the Madison River. Cute town with a very expensive grocery store (stock up in Billings). Saw a mobile tech working on an RV there. We are talking about going back. Laundry was immaculate.

  4. So if the engine gets painted after the video of the dyno,what is all the smoke around the running engine. Do you have a turbo charger on that engine?

    Just interested.

    • The engine gets painted today… after the testing 🙂

      The dyno read 250 HP, which at first concerned us as we were expecting 300 HP with our N65 injector setup.. forgetting that is a sea level expectation, not at 3500 ft (our present altitude). That, and this dyno having not spun backwards in 30 years and thus not calibrated for it – everyone here feels good about the readings!

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