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Art of the Diesel Engine

The gears coming back together...

View down the piston hole

Looking up the crank case

Alien invader (or, a 8V71 block flying!)

Oil pump gears

Coolant thermostats


Bear block stripped down naked


Valve cover

Piston ring view

Jake's engulfing the injectors


“Art without engineering is dreaming; engineering without art is calculating.”

– Steven Roberts, the original technomad – Microship.com

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  1. Very clever look at the inner Detroit Diesel. With all those parts, it is just amazing that they last the hundreds and hundreds of miles that they do.

    Here’s to good old American diesel technology…designed in the late 1930s! :c)

  2. There’s a wonderful steampunkness to these pictures, especially the timing gears. I also like the pics that suggest your engine has a face (#4 and #9-upper left).

  3. I was amazed at the beauty of that engine. Now that it has been reworked, cleaned up and so pretty, it should purr like a kitten and hopefully you guys will have no more problems for many years to come. The whole thing is simply a work of art to be sure. Take care.

  4. My 7th grade art teacher (who was the daughter of the woman who gave me piano lessons!) once said something like this…… A true artist looks at the normal, the ordinary, the mundane and sees the beauty and complexity of the extraordinary.

    Great pics… very well done

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