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New State – New Lizards!

Hi all.. Kiki here.

We had been in Florida for a long time.  We arrived last September, so that’s 8 months – a lifetime to a kitty!   Especially when a lot of that was spent with my people out visiting my grandmeow and grandpaw, and me back at home sitting patiently in the bus watching birds and lizards torment me through the window.

Let me out! There are lizards to chase!!!

Let me out! There are lizards to chase!!!

So not fair.

But, I did get some quality stalking and hunting time in. And I think I accomplished my goal of sampling all of Florida’s lizards.

Because yesterday we drove into a new state!


Yes… I hunt on a leash. Quit laughing.

We’re now in Georgia.. where I have all new lizards! They just taste peachier here.

Ok, I gotta get back to hunting. This blogging stuff is a lot of work.


PS. My people said I should share that today is Cherie’s 6th ‘Nomadiversary’.  Apparently that’s some sort of big deal.  Eh. What could be more important than the day I came into their lives??


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  1. you ain,t left the state yet bus only running on 6 holes
    the cat holding you up
    you,l never make PCH at this rate
    good to see you running down the road
    joy your day Mister Ed

  2. Happy Nomadiversary Cherie!

    My boarder collie Durango will try to heard just about any thing. Flys, Bees, small dogs, children and even cats. I will be couriuos what will happen when he sees his first lizard.

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