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Vacation is not in our Vocabulary

Working on the beach (over-rated, actually... like sex on the beach, you get sand in places you don't want it.)

As we were pulling out of Cedar Key, we had a friend comment:

‘I liken this stop to being like a ‘vacation’… and now you come ‘home’ and back to balance. Or at least, that’s how I imagine vacation to be for a full-time RVer.’

Hmm..  Not really.

We’ve crafted such a lifestyle that is balanced between work, community, play and travel that even when stopped at a gorgeous tourist spot with lots of friends, it’s still not even close to being a vacation for us.

It’s just another day living at home, going to the office and doing non-work things in our off hours.

The hours in our day that seem like a vacation to outsiders – such as when we’re hanging out at a tiki bar, snorkeling on the beach or going kayaking with friends- is on par with the time that folks in a fixed location might spend in their day going for a jog before work, dropping the kids off at soccer or meeting up with friends for happy hour after a long work week.

Just happens the location, options for non-work activities and the cast of our social life change often.

We made this when the 'What __ thinks I do' meme was going around Facebook. Truth is.. it's all true for us!

Our designed life is about constant changes in scenery and pace.

Yes, Cedar Key was a change of pace after some intense months and full of social time in contrast. But we also worked a lot. We relaxed a lot.  We explored a lot.

In other words, just another atypical day in the life of a technomad!

We always enjoy being neighbors for a bit with our nomadic peers who were also living a similarly balanced life.   It’s a rare treat to be amongst friends who just get why we can’t come out and play all the time.

In the many years we’ve been on the road full time, I think I can count the number of times we’ve been on something resembling ‘vacation’ on one hand.  Perhaps the occasional cruise is the closest we come.  Even while participating in Burning Man we generally have satellite internet and are happily integrating in some limited work hours.

Yup, that about sums it up.

It seems counter intuitive to those who have to plan a vacation each year, and we catch a bit of flack when they see us working during theirs:

‘Shut the computer and enjoy the beach already!’  

When you’re trying to convey it to those with a clear distinction of ‘vacation time’, it can be hard to comprehend.

“Our Job is Better Than Your Vacation” – a shirt worn by fellow nomad Pat Bonish of Low-Key Hideaway.

We think it’s pretty fricken cool that our office view changes regularly, and we get to constantly explore new places in our non working hours.

Our life is so varied that a typical vacation is not even something we crave.  If there’s a place we feel like being, or we need a change of pace – we just move on, change our view and adjust to the pace that is calling us.

Our home office on wheels.

As entrepreneurs who are in total control of our work hours, it’s not even like hours equates to vacation.  The variability of our lives is just that … life.

Sometimes we’re more focused on work.  Sometimes more on fun.  Sometimes more on family.  And sometimes we struggle to try to do it all.

But in the end, our chosen lifestyle is all about balance.

We consider it a measure of success in finding that balance when ‘vacation’ is not a common word in our vocabulary.

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  1. We understand the assumptions people make about full timers. For me especially since I work a normal 9-5 job every day. It’s not a vacation, it’s a moving home/office with (hopefully) great views. We love being able to ding around an area like a local just getting to know it. There’s so much you miss when you are on a tight schedule like a vacation. Just having as much time as you want to feel out an area is fantastic.

    Oh, and Jen saw the picture of your desk and said “That’s exactly what I want!”. Nice desk, and well done. 🙂

  2. Nice post! I feel the same way as you and our house isn’t on wheels… yet. We have designed our life over the years to be a blend of flexible time. I really don’t feel the need to take a scheduled vacation. Weekends and weekdays feel pretty much the same. I just try to pay attention to the balance fun and work everyday.

    • Yup.. indeed. You don’t have to travel to find a balance like this. Even before I hit the road, I had run my business from home and rarely took vacations… but I have always had strong wanderlust.

  3. Well I agree with you.. And as for me, balance is really a help as well and we should all be aware with it..Work should also be balanced with our lifestyle..

  4. I’ve been on the road almost six months, and am still somewhat in vacation mode, but my summer job starts in a little over a month. (Camp host at a national forest campground.) Sitting at my compter seeing rabbits hop around occasionally seems much more relaxing than sitting at my computer in the house worrying about my debt.

  5. Great post Cherie. What great living proof that “you CAN have it all!” and I absolutely LOVE the phrase ….”our job is better than your vacation!”

    Life is Good 😀

  6. I’ve noticed that people think I live my life “on vacation” because I travel and work at the same time. Lots of folks just can’t wrap their heads around that idea so they just assume I’m always on vacation. It’s a bit condescending and annoying actually. They don’t understand that there is no “when you get back” or “when you come home from your trip”… It’s not a trip! It’s my life!!!! 😛

    In any case I totally agree with your post. I don’t need or want a break from my normal life because my normal life is already optimized for enjoyment and fulfillment! If a change is needed we just do something else.

    • Oh goodness.. Yeah, we’ve gotten the assumption about being on an extended careefree vacation too. And it can feel a bit condescending (especially combined with the ‘you’re so lucky’ sentiment).

      Our concept of home is flexible, that’s all. 🙂

  7. Interesting essay. Why do people take vacations? To take a break from work that confines them from the life they would like to live if money were no object. The break is restful even if the vacation was vigorous. There’s been a lot of research on that to verify it.

    You guys are saying you don’t need a vacation because your work/life is in perfect balance. You don’t need the break to recharge and get reinvigorated to live within the confines of work because your work and life are not confining.

    I’m retired and still feel pushed and confined because I have a house that requires a lot of care. Less so than when I also worked at a regular job, but it is still there (I will get rid of it in the nearish future).

    Maybe it is our caveman roots – being confined is what enervates us. We are adaptable to roaming and to confinement. But what is ideal? I think your answer is what you are doing. Bravo!

    • Yup, I agree.. We have found our answer. And it certainly isn’t for everyone. There have been plenty of folks who start out giving it a try and find it doesn’t work for them.

  8. I had a client ask me the other day what I did for vacation and it stopped me. I really had to think about it because I just don’t perceive my life that way any longer. Because I love every bit of it now and don’t feel the NEED to “vacation” and get away from it.

    If I need a break from work while in the trailer I go outside. And if I need a break from work while I’m a guest spot in a shop I … go outside.

    You’re absolutely right. It is all about balance and that will mean different things to different people, especially those who NEED to shut the computer and enjoy the beach already. 🙂

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