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Lake Meredith

Texas is a big state. Even living here for 15 years, I never saw it all. This evening we’re staying over at Lake Meredith National Recreation Area, in the Panhandle – and area I’ve never been to before. We saw it on the map when we were plotting our course to Salida and decided to check it out – about 10 different FREE camping options available around the lake. I picked out 3 that looked promising for us and when we drove into Fritches Fortress first.. both our mouthes dropped. We picked a spot on top of a bluff and made it ours, no need to look further.

What's your office view like?

This is my view as I type this. Of course, the picture doesn’t do it justice and the colors keep becoming more and more vibrant as the sun sets over the lake and behind a thunderstorm over to the west (probably over New Mexico).

Fritches Fortress


Yes indeed.. this is the stuff that makes nomadic life totally rock.

Oh.. and it’s a national park, so camping is free. Free?!? I can stay here for 14 days free?

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