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A Quick Intro to Technomadia.com

We’re Cherie & Chris – two gen-X geeks who are utilizing technology to engage in a full-time hyper mobile life. We our owned by our cat, Kiki.

We like to use the term technomad to describe our lifestyle.

Technomad: Technology enabled nomad.
(term coined by the original technomad, Steven Roberts / www.microship.com)

IMG_3343Our life is consciously created to be a long term, sustainable, mobile optimized lifestyle that combines our hi-tech careers with a rich and fulfilling life of travel, serendipity, community, adventure and amazing experiences.  We mix it up when we feel so inclined, and aren’t tied to too many labels or presumptions.

We were both 33 when we met and hit the road in 2006 and have switched up our travel modality many times.. including: a 16′ T@B trailer, a 17′ Oliver Travel Trailer, a cottage in the US Virgin Islands, an Amtrak rail pass and currently a 35′ vintage bus conversion.

Only serendipity knows what future adventures we’ll explore.

Here’s a quick video introduction to us:

Places to Start

Here are some recommended starting places to get further acquainted with us:

More About Us

Our Full(er) Story – How we met, who we are, our various forms of travel thus far and how we earn our income as we roam.

Our Home on Wheels - A tour of our current nomadic home – an awesome 1961 vintage bus.

Our Mobile Gear - A listing of some of the gear that enhances our mobility – from tech, to toys to practical household items.

Our Monthly Cost Log –  We’ve shared our travel cost log online for years, and you’re welcome to view it.

Explore around our site – use the links on the side bar, the menus above, the search function (the magnifying glass above) –  you’ll find tons of content: travel tales, guides to mobile technology, interviews with fellow nomads and the logistics of hitting the road. We’ve written a lot over the years.

A good place to start is our RVing Resources Post, which has links to all of our informational articles & content about our current modality of mobility.

And be sure to join one of our monthly (free) live video chats and explore our video archives! When we have time & bandwidth, we pick a topic and then invite questions from our viewers. They’re a bunch of fun, and we love hosting these!

About this Blog

We actually met via social blogging (LiveJournal) in 2006 – so our personal blogs just naturally shifted to talking about our new nomadic lifestyle and relationship together.  Technnomadia.com was originally intended to keep family & friends up to date, and be a recording of our adventures – and that’s still our focus. 

We consider Technomadia to be the name of our personal concept of our home, love, relationship, location and our consciously constructed life. It’s kinda like our shared family name to us.

(it’s pronounced ‘Tech-no-MAD-e-uh’)

Friends started asking questions about how we made our mobile logistics work, so we wrote about it… and then we started noticing we had a lot of new friends. (Hi, welcome!)

Technomadia.com is intentionally a non-commercial blog.

Technomadia is not our business – Two Steps Beyond is our company where we do our consulting, advising, writing and app development through. We have however created a few products that are relevant to our mobile peers – from apps to books to info on mobile technology, you will see them mentioned here sometimes.  But really our main motivation of this blog these days is to tell our story and hopefully meet a few of you along the way.

So welcome.. join us in our virtual living room, and perhaps we’ll see you out there in person somewhere?

Contact Us - Be in Touch

Hearing from our readers is our greatest reward for blogging. Seriously. We’d love to hear from you! Please comment, write, chat or interact with us on Facebook, RVillage or Instagram.

We love making new friends. Invitations to dinner, drinks, bus parking, WiFi, hot tubs, tours of cool stuff, unique experiences… bring it on!

Got questions?

This is a tricky one. We genuinely love to help and it’s our pleasure to offer this site as our gift.

We’re always happy to answer a quick questions, or help direct you to the right resource. But our free time is rather limited, we do work full time and have a cat to worship.. on top of the blogging, traveling and generally living life.

If you have more than a quick question – we offer ‘brain picking sessions’ so that we can set aside the time to give you personalized guidance via phone, video, chat, in person or e-mail.  Be in touch with what’s on your mind, and we’ll let you know if we think booking a session together would help out. 

Contact Us: