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Mobile Internet Options for RVing – Resource Center

technomads working remotely rversKeeping connected while RVing can be a complex topic – there are so many options. But what works? And what do you actually need?

We’ve been on the road since 2006, running our software & app development business remotely the entire time. Internet is essential to us – we’ve tried many different solutions and talked with lots of others about their experiences.

Everyone’s needs while RVing are probably going to be different – from those who just need to be able to get online fairly regularly to check e-mail, pay bills online and plan upcoming routing. To those of us who depend on being able to get online to make our life of mobility sustainable.

In addition to our book, The Mobile Internet Handbook (available below), we also offer lots of free resources to help get you started.

Our Current Mobile Internet Solution:

Here’s the full Illustrated Guide to Our Personal Mobile RVing Internet Connectivity Gadgetry that explains everything we use in our personal arsenal that keeps us online probably at least 95% of the time.

And here’s a brief recap:

  • Millenicom 4G Hotspot plan on Verizon – 20GB/mo ($89.99/month)
  • 2 iPhones on an AT&T mobile share plan with 10GB/mo hotspottable data ($165/month)
  • iPad Mini on a grandfathered AT&T unlimited data plan (non-hotspottable) ($29.99/month)
  • iPad Mini Retina from Millenicom on T-Mobile (hotspottable, $10/mo for 500MB LTE, and unlimited non-LTE)
  • WiFiRanger Go and WiFiRanger Sky router & WiFi repeater system to utilize WiFi hotspots
  • Top Signal 55 and Wilson 4G Sleek V cellular boosters & antennas on roof
  • If we need lots of bandwidth, we’ll seek out a RV Park were we can hook-up our own cable or DSL internet.
  • Box of wine (for those times that nothing works!)

Our in-depth internet articles released since we published ‘The Mobile Internet Handbook’:

And to continue the conversation, join our group - Internet for RVers Facebook Group. Interact with hundreds of other internet-hungry RVers and get even more ideas.

And if you have the bandwidth, here’s an hour long video chat we did a while back overviewing this topic… (it’s getting time to re-do this and update it!)

Ready for more?  We also highly recommend Jack Mayer’s Communication page, which goes into some heavy geekery & reviews on the individual components, even building them yourself.

Coverage? App

We wrote an app to help us and our fellow bandwidth hungry travelers keep connected on the road - Coverage?.

It overlays all of the major carrier’s cellular data maps so we always know where we can expect to get our next hit of bandwidth. We travel with both Verizon & AT&T, so this app lets us create a personalized coverage map showing where we can get online.

It’s like having all of the carriers maps in your pocket!

Plan lunch stops, overnight stops and selecting campgrounds with connectivity.

The Mobile Internet Handbook


The Mobile Internet Handbook is a guide to mobile internet options for RVers in the USA. Cellular data, WiFi, satellite, HAM and more.

This book is written to answer questions like:

  • What is the best setup for my travel style, needs and budget?
  • What are the realities of relying on mobile internet –  can I work online or stream video content?
  • What are the advantages & trade-offs of cellular data, satellite and public WiFi?
  • Do I really need all these boosters, antennas, gadgets and monthly plans?
  • What are the best deals out there for mobile internet? Are unlimited plans worth it?

This book is written to help set your expectations to realistic, describe the various options, assess your needs and pick the right combination of solutions for you.

Buy Now!

Current edition:  June 2013

New Price! In anticipation of releasing an updated edition by June 2014, we’ve lowered the price! The June 2013 edition is still highly relevant to help you set your expectations, understand the options and choose what you need – especially when combined with our more current articles linked above.

eBook – $5.99  / Paperback – $9.99

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Have More Internet Questions?

Want some individualized guidance for your unique needs?

Through our company, Two Steps Beyond, we offer a consultation service where we start by having you fill out our mobile internet advisor interview that helps us understand your needs. We’ll review your answers and setup a session with you via phone, video, chat or in-person to help you understand your options.

We are unaffiliated with any of the products and services we suggest and utilize – and can offer advice from our own real world use, as well as the hundreds of fellow RVing folks we’ve talked with over the years.

After paying for your session, you’ll be taken to an interview form where you can tell us more about your needs and current setup.  We’ll be in touch to setup a session over phone, video chat, e-mail or chat.

Mobile Internet Advising Session: $65

Please note, this is a single advising session only – and does not include assistance in setting up your equipment, or support for the choices you select. You can schedule additional sessions if you’d like further guidance.