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Ramblings: Tales from Nomads – The Organic Sister

Meet Justin, Tara & Zeb

organicsisterWhen we first met this family back in April 2010 at the NuRVers Texas Gathering, they had just hit the road 2 months prior. They had originally intended to spend a year traveling the country, working odd jobs (handy man work, massage therapy, organizing, etc.), while they searched for a new home to settled down at.

But they quickly realized they enjoyed the road.

We caught up with them for a follow-up interview this past fall, now having been on the road nearly 3 years. They’ve since upgraded their RV to a larger 5th wheel, their careers have taken off (her a life coach, him a juggler) and there have been personal transformations as a result of being on the road.

In this interview they also talk about using Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) and unschooling their 13 year old son.

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Tara’s Life Coaching Resources: The Organic Sister
Justin’s Juggling Site: Odd Ball Juggling

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Meet some of the other nomads we’ve interviewed in this series:

  • Ramblings: Tales from Nomads – Pace & Kyeli paceandkyeliMeet Pace & Kyeli Smith Last summer, Pace & Kyeli got bitten by the full time RVing bug and jumped head first into the lifestyle. Inside of a few months they went from never having stepped foot in an RV to selling most of their stuff, acquiring a truck and 5th wheel and hit the road. They already had a life coaching practice that was earning about half their expenses, and aimed to build the business up to support them completely. In this video interview, which we did at 3 months into their adventure, they talk humorously about some of the challenges they encountered – from trying to find a RV suitable for them and their 15 year old son to each have their space and their first day on the road. Shortly after we filmed this, they decided to follow their original dream of moving to Portland, OR and sold the truck & RV. They posted their reasonings on their blog, and with their permission we did a live video chat addressing many of the Realities of Full Time RVing. While full time RVing didn’t turn out to be the right choice for them, they have no regrets in having given it a try ...
  • Ramblings: Tales from Nomads – Forrest & Mary Forrest & Mary ClarkMeet Forrest & Mary Clark Forrest is a retired pastor after 40+ years, and Mary a retired teacher. It has been Forrest’s lifelong dream to RV fulltime, and while his wife Mary had trepidations – she decided to give it a try too. They are semi-retired however – Forrest is now a life coach working remotely to support his clients via telephone and internet. Mary has not yet decided what she will do to supplement their pensions. Both are also volunteers for the Red Cross through the Escapee’s DOVE group, allowing them to be deployed as early responders in their RV. We met up with these two at the beginning of the year in Cedar Key, and enjoyed being neighbors. They had just hit the road a couple months earlier, and so far – thoroughly enjoying the lifestyle. Their only regret so far is buying a brand new RV, and we just followed up with them to learn they are now on the hunt to trade it in for a well loved used one. Check out the video interview below to learn more about them, the obstacles they overcame to hit the road and why they regret having gotten a new rig. Direct Video Link Follow ...
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Stay tuned.. more nomads coming soon!

Ramblings: Tales from Nomads is intended to introduce you to some amazing people who are living life on their terms by traveling full time.

In this video series, you’ll be meeting and hearing the stories from a wide range of nomads we’ve met, with one thing in common – they’re not waiting for a traditional retirement to pursue their dreams of perpetual travel.

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Cherie has been been a location independent software developer since 1994. When she met Chris in 2006, she was at the exact right time in her life to hit the road and combine wanderlust with career. She strives to live a life of conscious intent while embracing serendipity.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing Tara and Justin with us! After nearly 10 years of fulltime RVing, I am taking the lifestyle for granted. Watching their story re-invigorates me!

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