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A Rare Oliver Travel Trailer – For Sale

Our (former) Oliver Travel Trailer named Orion

As many of you probably already know, we traveled full time from 2008 – 2011 in a very sweet, decked out, 17′ fiberglass egg custom constructed for us by Oliver Travel Trailers.  We sold ours last year in an unsolicited offer, which prompted our moving on to a vintage bus.

These trailers were made to high standards that is just incredibly rare in the RV industry, and certainly for a smaller unit.

Unfortunately, Oliver couldn’t find enough market for keeping their production lines open during the recession for high end small trailers, and ended up producing only about 45 of these trailers before going on indefinite hiatus.  (They’re still very much in business however, just doing other things now.)

One of the greatest things about our Oliver was the community that came with it – and we made some incredible friends. One such set of friends are in Lake Havasu City, AZ, who you might recognize as our gracious hosts last summer who helped us get our bus ready to hit the road.

Interior of our friend’s Oliver (for sale)

Our friend’s Oliver, with 270w of solar!

They too owned an (even more rare) solar powered Oliver, but unlike us – they have hardly used theirs. It’s in pristine condition.

They’ve decided that their Oliver really deserves being utilized and appreciated, so are now open to selling theirs. And as they’ve become such great and generous friends to us, we of course offered to help them out by spreading the word and using our search engine ranking for keywords about the trailer.

We created them a sales page, including photos, details and a full video tour. So we won’t bore all our readers with a long post about the trailer.

But we do know that we have several folks following us who were also interested in an Oliver, or in RVs that defy conventional construction.  So if you or anyone you know has been waiting for an opportunity to snag one of these rare incredible off-grid optimized travel pods – here’s your chance.

Click here for more information on our friend’s Oliver.


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