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Introducing Coverage? 2012 for iPhone & iPad

A bit over a year ago we released ‘Coverage?‘ for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

In the time since, we’ve been thrilled with all the great feedback and reviews we have gotten. The app has sustained a 4+ star rating. This app really is genuinely useful, and there is nothing else like it out there.  We use it far more in our travels than even we anticipated.

It’s a perfect tool for us travelers who need to stay connected.

The app was called “indispensable” by Lifehacker.com, was chosen for Venture Beat’s Mobile App Spotlight, and has been featured by TUAW, Gizmodo, Boy Genius Report, and others.

And more recently, we were thrilled when Wired Magazine named ‘Coverage?’ one of their “400 Essential Tools” and featured us in their 2011 App Guide along with some very prominent apps.

Coverage? for 2012

We’ve got big plans to make ‘Coverage?’ even more useful in 2012, and a substantially new version has just gone live in the App Store.

Coverage? 2012

The new for 2012 version of Coverage is a free update for existing customers, and includes all new updated maps, including for the first time tracking AT&T’s LTE coverage (we started tracking “4G” for all the carriers early-last-year).

We’ve also substantially updated the user interface, and added a search feature that lets you scout the connectivity in the cities and towns ahead. Here’s a video demo we just put together showing some real world uses of Coverage?

As far as we know, ‘Coverage?’ remains the only tool that actually lets you overlay and directly compare the coverage maps for all the major US carriers. Some of the other features that make Coverage? a useful and unique tool:

  • No internet needed: All coverage maps are stored locally; check where coverage is most likely even when you have none.
  • Urban and rural areas: Maps cover the entire continental USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon & T-Mobile. (‘Coverage?’ is not intended to give city level details – it’s goal is to provide an overview while traveling.)
  • Know where to roam: view 4G, 3G, 2G and roaming areas as inclusive overlays, focused on finding the coverage type you need.
  • And unlike apps that rely on user submitted data, ‘Coverage?’ is truly nationwide, not just showing details around the “popular” urban areas.
 Coverage? is only $1.99 in the App Store.

Help get the word out!

Coverage? remains a side hobby business pursuit for us.

We’d love to get some wider exposure of this app, which we think is useful for anyone who travels with an iOS device.  It’s very difficult to get noticed in the App Store these days with nearly 1/2 million apps competing for your attention.

Obviously, if you travel and carry an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – we’d love for you to give the app a try. We also very much appreciate sincere and authentic reviews & recommendations of the app to your friends and peers. Please do help us spread the word.  Thank you!


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Chris & Cherie have perpetually on the road since 2006 embracing nomadic serendipity. Now traveling in a geeked out vintage bus conversion - working remotely as app developers, technology consultants and strategy advisors. They are owned by Kiki.

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  1. I just received an email about “Snowbird RV Show & Sale: BC’s Only Fall RV Show”. The email brochure mentioned featured speakers; Jason and Nikki Wynn who will lead seminars in Staying Connected:  Internet, phones, apps, gadgets and even cameras; and Boondocking Tips:  Finding Free Camping, tips for making clean water, Tips for saving water, Solar Setups and Composting Toilets. Wondering who the Wynns are, google searched them, went on their website and eventually went to yours. I ended up spending over 2 hours just reading some of your blogs. Love your stories about you bus. My husband and I don’t travel much now (the lengthiest time we were on the road was by car. We did a round trip from Vancouver, BC to St.John’s, NL way back in ’88).
    I will check the store to see the types go apps and iBooks you offer.
    I’m sure I’ll be back to read more of your stories.

    • Hi Duncan –

      We would love to do an Android version, and would happily work with a developer who wanted to do the port and split the proceeds.

      But as far as we’ve been able to work out, the Android app marketplace just isn’t financially worth investing in. Very few Android users seem to be actually willing to buy apps, and ‘Coverage?’ is not well suited to being ad supported.

      We estimate (and have gotten bids) that an Android port would cost between $10k – $30k, and we just can’t see how the app would ever generate a return on the investment.

      So, as far as Android goes, unless someone approaches us wanting to do the work or pay up-front for the work…. Sorry.

      – Chris

      • Hey Chris,

        That totally makes sense. I’ve also read that statistically Android users like myself spend way less on apps. Sometimes I wonder if that’s because the overall quality of the apps just isn’t as good on Android though. In any case I think I’ll fire up my iPhone just for this app!


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